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Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter Market Comparison

The Aardvark I2C/SPIHost Adapter is a very powerful tool with a rich array of features. Here is how the Aardvark adapter compares to other I2C tools on the market.

Selected Feature Comparison

 Connii MM *
Tracii 400 *
iPort/AFM *
iPort/USB *
USB RS-232
Bus Powered no no no
I2C Master
800 kHz 2

400 kHz

400+ kHz

400 kHz 1

400 kHz 1
I2C Slave
800 kHz 2
I2C Extended Features 3 some some
SPI no no no no
I2C and SPI lines
no no
I2C lines
Windows Support
Linux Support no RS-232
(no API)
Mac OS X Support no no no no
Software GUI
Development API / DLL + $299 + $225 + $225
LabVIEW Driver + $370 + $750 + $750
Base Price $330 $433 $903 $425 $425
Final Price $330 $433 $2137 $1400 $1400

Final Price is the total cost for a host adapter (where applicable), bus monitor (where applicable), software, development API, and LabVIEW driver. An exchange rate of 1.3 was used to convert prices from Euros to US Dollars.

(*) All competing products were researched from the websites and specification notes of their respective companies. Features and prices may have changed since this comparison was made. Please refer to the respective product websites and datasheets before making a final decision.

1 Bitrate is quoted at 400 kHz, but maximum average bitrate is limited to 115.2 kbps by the published specifications.

2 Actual system bus speed may vary as a function of capacitance.

3 I2C extended features include repeated start, multi-master, 10-bit addressing, combined format, and general call addressing. Telos Conii includes repeated start and 10-bit addressing. MCC iPort/AFM includes repeated start, multi-master, and general call addressing.

All product and company names mentioned on this page may be trademarks of their respective owners. Total Phase bears no affiliation with any of these other products and companies.