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34-Pin Grabber Cable


Part Number: TP510510

Availability: Limited Availability

  • Receive a 15% discount on this product when purchased with any host adapter, interface, protocol analyzer, or development kit
  • Offer limited to 3 accessory cables for each host adapter, interface, protocol analyzer, or development kit purchased
  • Don't have space for a 2x17 .079 inch (2.00 mm) pitch header on your test board?
  • Want to make use of a header that doesn't have the same pin-out as the Promira™ Serial Platform ribbon cable?
  • Don't want to create an adapter board to interface with your target?

This package contains one 34-Pin Split Cable along with 10 grabber clip ends that slide onto the split cable.  The 34-Pin Split Cable with 10 Grabber ends is the ideal solution for you. The cable attaches to the ribbon cable end directly on the Promira Serial Platform and allows you to connect up to ten pins to your project with grabber pins. If you need additional information or wish to order Grabber pin ends, click here to be taken to the product detail page.

Unless you have standardized on the 34-pin header, this is a must have accessory if you need supplemental power for your embedded project (Promira pins 22 and 24 offer an additional 100 mA of power for your board, above the 100mA already available via pins 4 and 6), or intend to use any of the advanced functionality optionally available with your Promira Serial Platform, such as eSPI, dual or quad I/O SPI.

Tech Specs


The 34-Pin Split Cable has a 34-pin box header that attaches to the Promira Serial Platform. Each individual lead has a different color and is labeled with the pin name so that they are easy to identify.  The Universal Grabber ends slide on to the individual leads allowing you to convert them from slip on to grabber end.

The connector is a standard 2x17, 0.079" (2.00 mm) pitch IDC type keyed box connector. Each individual lead is terminated with a single pin crimp connector designed to receive a 0.025" inch pin. The pin will be inserted into the Grabber Clip End (10 pack included with this product) to provide the interface to your project. The cable is only 6" (15.2 cm) long to minimize signal degradation.

Individual Leads
Each lead is color coded and has a small label to indicate which lead is associated with which pin. The lead pin-out is shown in the following table:

#   # I2C/SPI eSPI
SCL/GPIO00 Alert0 1   2 GND GND
SDA/GPIO01 Alert1 3   4 VTGT VTGT
MISO/IO1          IO1 5   6 VTGT VTGT
SS0/GPIO02 CS0 9   10 GND GND
IO2 IO2 11   12 GND GND
IO3 IO3 13   14 SS2/GPIO03 CS1
SS1/GPIO04 Reset0 15   16 GND GND
SS3/GPIO05 DIO0 17   18 GND GND
SS4/GPIO06 DIO1 19   20 SS5/GPIO07 DIO4
GPIO09 DIO2 21   22 VIO VIO
GPIO10 DIO3 23   24 VIO VIO
GPIO11 DIO5 25   26 SS6/GPIO08 DIO9
GPIO12 DIO6 27   28 GND GND
NC DIO7 29   30 GND GND
GPIO13 Reset1 31   32 GPIO14 DIO10
SS7/GPIO15 DIO8 33   34 GND GND

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