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MCCI Implements External RNDIS USB Decoder for Total Phase Data Center™ Protocol Analysis Software

SUNNYVALE, CA – June 10, 2014 – Total Phase, Inc., a leading provider of embedded systems solutions announced the release of an external RNDIS (Remote Network Driver Interface Specification) USB decoder from MCCI Corporation, a leading developer of embedded USB software, for the Data Center software, an analysis GUI designed by Total Phase for their line of hardware protocol analyzers.

The Data Center software takes the USB traffic captured by Total Phase’s Beagle™ USB protocol analyzers and provides advanced decoding for almost all standard USB classes, such as Mass Storage and HID (Human Interface Device).  However, with the addition of MCCI’s external decoder, Data Center now has the ability to parse RNDIS data, which is a more specialized USB class from Microsoft. 

“Visibility and transparency into bus-level protocols are critical for all embedded systems developers.  With USB, a protocol that supports standard and proprietary class definitions, the need for clear analysis at the bus-level is even more important,” said Gil Ben-Dov, VP & General Manger at Total Phase.  “MCCI’s external RNDIS decoder for the Data Center software provides USB developers an easy-to-understand view of the bus data, which reduces debugging time and streamlines development.  Their solution is extensible beyond RNDIS, it provides an easy-to-use formula for USB custom class decoding.”

In implementating this type of external decoder to an existing software application, a flexible and powerful scripting language is important.  “The Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer from Total Phase was an excellent fit for this implementation. In addition to support for scripts and a powerful filtering mechanism, its live capture feature is also very useful,” said Yogender Saroha, Engineering Manager at MCCI.  “It captures long traces into relatively small files, and it manipulates large traces very efficiently. This is very important for tracking down subtle networking bugs.”

To read about MCCI’s implementation with the Data Center software in more detail, please read the case study:



For more information about Total Phase’s Data Center software and Beagle USB 480 analyzer, please visit:





Total Phase is a leading provider of embedded systems solutions for engineers all over the world. Our mission is to provide intelligent visibility into embedded systems by creating affordable, high-quality, and powerful solutions for anyone working in the embedded systems environment.  For more information about Total Phase, please visit http://www.totalphase.com/.