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Press Release

Total Phase's Data Center Protocol Analysis Software for USB, I2C, and SPI Nominated for the ECN's 2009 Readers Choice Award

SUNNYVALE, CA - November 16, 2009 - Total Phase is pleased to announce that the Data Center™ 3.5 Software has been nominated for ECN's 2009 Readers Choice Tech Awards in the Test and Measurement category. ECN readers will get a chance to vote for their favorite products and tools and the winners will be announced in their December 15, 2009 issue. Please visit the ECN magazine website and vote for the Data Center Software - http://www.ecnmag.com/2009techawards.

"Total Phase is delighted to be nominated for ECN's Readers Choice Award," states Derek Fung, Senior Engineer. "We believe that every engineer who works with USB, I2C, or SPI will benefit from the visibility that the Data Center Software provides. It is rewarding that the editorial staff at ECN recognizes the Data Center Software's value to readers."

About the Data Center 3.5 Software

The Data Center 3.5 Software is the only protocol analysis software in the industry with true real-time performance and cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. This user-friendly bus monitoring software captures and displays USB, I2C, and SPI data in real-time with the Beagle™ line of hardware protocol analyzers. A number of advanced features were released in 2009: real-time USB class-level decoding, intuitive hierarchical data packet grouping, expanded real-time data filtering, UNIX-style command line interface, instant multilingual support, and more.

The new real-time class-level decoding feature instantly and automatically parses and displays USB data in human-readable class-level transactions. The real-time display, search, and filtering capabilities of the Data Center software give engineers immediate feedback about their system under test. These features afford an unprecedented level of visibility into USB and other serial bus protocols, helping developers identify and resolve problems faster and more interactively. With its low cost, the Data Center software with Beagle hardware protocol analyzers is an affordable and powerful solution, unmatched in the test and measurement industry.

About Total Phase

Total Phase is a leading provider of powerful and affordable embedded systems development tools for engineers all over the world. For years, Total Phase has developed products that have become tools of choice for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and research institutions alike. The entire line of developer tools combines best-of-breed features, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X support, royalty-free API, and free software updates.