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Jungo and Total Phase Announce Integration of Jungo's USBTester™ with Total Phase's Beagle™ USB 480 Protocol Analyzer

SAN JOSE, CA - January 16, 2008 -

Jungo Software Technologies, a leader in the development and provisioning of USB/PCI software solutions, and Total Phase, a leading provider of embedded systems development tools for engineers, today announced a new partnership with the integration of Jungo's USBTester™ and Total Phase'sBeagle™ USB 480Protocol Analyzer. The partnership enables development of high-performance, high-quality and specification-compliant USB devices.

By working together, Jungo and Total Phase can offer a complete hardware-software solution for USB development with streamlined integration between the high speed USB protocol analyzer and the USB compliance test platform. This integration enables developers to run a variety of tests while monitoring the traffic on the USB bus. These tests include regression tests, functional tests, negative tests, stress tests, and performance tests.

"This partnership allows USB developers to tackle the challenges of developing a USB device that conforms to the specification using a combined testing/analyzing solution resulting from the integration," says Ophir Herbst, General Manager of Jungo's Connectivity Software Business Unit. "Jungo sees this new partnership with Total Phase as another milestone in providing USB developers with a complete development and testing solution."

"Total Phase is pleased to partner with Jungo to offer engineers powerful solutions for USB development," says Kumaran Santhanam, Senior Architect at Total Phase. "The low-level real-time bus monitoring features of the Beagle analyzer will provide unparalleled visibility into USB compliance testing."

Jungo's USBTester™ is a software-based USB testing application tool that enables USB developers to validate their USB devices for USB functionality. Used to validate USB functionality of millions of devices, USBTester offers the ultimate confidence that USB functionality is working properly. USBTester runs regression tests, functional tests, negative tests, stress tests, and performance tests, reducing the development cost and increasing software quality and testing reliability.

For more information, see USBTester's product page.

Total Phase'sBeagle™ USB 480Protocol Analyzer is a low cost, non-intrusive High-Speed USB 2.0 bus monitor which comes with free software and a royalty-free API. The Beagle analyzer is capable of capturing, displaying, and filtering high-speed USB traffic in real-time. It is the smallest and most portable high-speed USB analyzer on the market, making it an ideal tool for use in the lab or in the field. Major features of the analyzer include automatic speed detection, hardware-based packet suppression, multiple digital inputs and outputs for synchronization with external logic, and much more. TheBeagle USB 480Protocol Analyzer provides unmatched transparency into USB development with its low price, simplicity, and extensive features.

For more information, see the Beagle analyzer's product page.

About Total Phase

Total Phase manufactures powerful and affordable I2C, SPI, MDIO, and USB development tools for the embedded systems engineer. The entire line of developer tools combines best-of-breed features, Windows and Linux support, royalty-free API, and free software updates, making them perfect additions to any engineer's toolbox.

Please visit us at http://www.totalphase.com/

About Jungo

Jungo Software Technologies is a leading supplier of driver development tools, embedded USB software solutions, USB testing tools and residential gateway software. Jungo has partnered with leading operating system and silicon vendors to provide the best solutions for both software and hardware developers.

For further details visit www.jungo.com or contact sales@jungo.com for pricing and availability.

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