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2015-06 - Total Phase Newsletter, Issue 5 Volume 15 - Komodo CAN Promo, SPI Active - Level 2 is 20% Faster
Total Phase Newsletter, Issue 5 Volume 15 - June 2015 - Komodo USB-to-CAN Interface Buy One. Get One 50%

Total Phase Newsletter

Issue 5

Volume 15

Featured Videos

Learn about the Promira Serial Platform and it's robust features. The Promira platform is a versatile I2C and SPI host adapter with field upgradable capabilities for high performance programming and emulation.

This video shows the new real-time, USB class-level decoding feature in the Data Center Software for the Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer. Users can see decoded HID, Mass Storage, Hub, and Audio Class transactions as the data is captured on the bus.

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Komodo USB-to-CAN Interface.
Buy One. Get One 50%.

It's summer and things are heating up. Good thing the Komodo CAN Interfaces are primed to help you completed your project on time so you can enjoy some fun in the sun.

The Komodo CAN Interface is a powerful USB-to-CAN adapter and analyzer; it’s an all-in-one tool capable of active CAN data transmission as well as non-intrusive CAN bus monitoring.

For a limited time, purchase one Komodo interface and receive the second one for 50%. To take advantage of this offer, enter coupon code “Summer2015” during checkout to receive your discount. This promotion expires June 30, 2015, so act fast.  

SPI Active - Level 2 Application
for the Promira Serial Platform

The Promira™ Serial Platform just got even faster! On June 8, Total Phase released SPI Active - Level 2, the third application for the Promira platform delivering even faster programming speeds, more slave selects and more GPIOs. Here are some of the new features:

  • Master Clock Speed: 40 MHz, Single and Dual I/O
  • Slave Clock Speed: 20 MHz
  • Chip/Slave Select: 3
  • GPIO: up to 12
  • Logic Levels: 0.9-3.45V, 5V
What does this mean for you? The Promira platform provides: 
  • Up to 10x faster than the Aardvark adapter when reading and writing to a 1 Gb SPI Flash*
  • Nearly 20% faster reads versus the Cheetah adapter at the same clock speed 
  • Memory programming at 40 MHz at 0.9-3.3V (5V tolerant) with full support for Dual I/O SPI
Our modular future-proof design will soon offer 80 MHz clock speeds, full support for Quad I/O SPI, faster and more advanced slaving capabilities plus many more features.

Want to upgrade your Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter to a Promira Serial Platform? Click here for details.

*Micron N25Q00AA

Promira Serial Platform with SPI Active - Level 1

Great I2C/SPI tooling.
Very helpful in my debugging.


– Engineer, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Contact sales@totalphase.com for more details.

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