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2015-01 - Total Phase Newsletter, Issue 1 Volume 15 - Happy New Year from Total Phase
Total Phase Newsletter, Issue 01 Volume 15 - January 2015 - Happy New Year from Total Phase

Total Phase Newsletter

Issue 01

Volume 15

In this Issue

• Giving back in 2015
• Control Center Software
• Flash Center Software

Featured Videos

Learn how the Promira Serial Platform can bring your applications one step closer to IoT in a video with our CEO, Gil Ben-Dov.


Using Komodo

Watch as Komodo CAN Duo interface is used to simultaneously interact, monitor, and transmit data to the CAN/I2C Activity Board using the Komodo GUI Software.

Upcoming Events

Santa Clara, CA
Jan. 28-29, 2015

Embedded World 
Nuremberg, Germany
Feb. 24-26, 2015 


"The Promira is nice, simple to use and makes it easy to get stuff done." 


-Happy Promira Customer

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Total Phase Wishes You A Happy New Year!!

Here at Total Phase we believe that giving is better than receiving. So we are giving you the option to save $20.15 off your purchase of $200 or more OR elect to have Total Phase donate $20.15 to the Save the Children charity organization on your behalf.  It’s simple; enter one of the following coupons at check out...

·         Enter "Save2015" to receive $20.15 off your purchase 

·         Enter "Donate2015" to donate $20.15 to Save the Children (and get a penny for your kind thoughts too) 

This coupon expires January 31, 2015, is only valid for on line orders with a subtotal of $200 or more and cannot be combined with other coupons. 


Latest Now Available! Control Center Serial Software


Did you know the recently released Control Center™ Serial Software provides easy access to all features of the Promira™ Serial Platform and the Aardvark™ I2C/SPI Host Adapter? 

Within seconds you can make full use of I2C, SPI, and GPIO functionality.


Using USB, multiple Promira platforms and Aardvark adapters can easily be used simultaneously. With an unlimited number of configurations you can now, more easily, develop and test your embedded systems.


Here are just some of the features of the Control Center Serial…

·         I2C, SPI, GPIO – offers complete access to all Promira platform and Aardvark adapter features with just a click of a button. I2C and SPI messages can be saved and loaded from binary files, eliminating the need to reenter with each new session.

·         Batch Scripting – is built into the Control Center Serial software and is supported with simple XML. Create, run and save custom batch scripts to automate tasks. I2C, SPI and GPIO functions are available in the scripting language for maximum flexibility. The built-in help system explains all of the commands in the GUI and examples of XML batch scripts are provided.

·         Voltage Level Shifting (0.9 – 3.3V) – is a brand new feature allowing you to use the Promira platform to directly interface with your low-voltage applications.


New Update! Flash Center Software


The Flash Center™ Software allows engineers to quickly erase, program and verify I2C- and SPI-based EEPROM and Flash memory chips that are interfaced through Total Phase's Promira Serial Platform as well as Aardvark I2C/SPI and Cheetah™ SPI Host Adapters.

·         Fast Programming Speeds – using high performance host adapters the Flash Center Software can program your memory device in seconds. There are no images to download to an external programmer - bytes are sent directly into your target device from the host computer.

·         Device Support – is easier than ever. The Flash Center Software was designed with an XML-based memory device library, you can instantly support almost any I2C- or SPI-based EEPROM or Flash memory by adding or modifying the XML descriptions of target memory devices.

·         Voltage Level Shifting – like in the Control Center Serial software – is available in Flash Center, for use with the Promira platform, and now has the ability to program low-voltage parts without needing an additional level translator board.

Downloads for the latest versions of the Control Center Serial software and Flash Center software are available, at no additional cost, on the Total Phase website .


Contact us for more details at sales@totalphase.com

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