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2022-01-26 Jessica Hopkins
USB and UART are common communication interfaces utilized in embedded systems to send and receive data between devices. UART is considered to be one of the earliest communication interfaces applied to computers. The newer USB protocol, however, has replaced many UART systems, but both are still prevalent in the embedded industry. In this article, we will provide insight into both USB and UART communications and background on their relation.
2022-01-19 Rena Ayeras
I could use some help for improving the CAN bus speed and the bus bandwidth usage. I am working with two devices: a Komodo CAN Duo Interface and a target device as the end point.
2022-01-12 Brendan Murphy
The Data Center Software is a staple tool for embedded engineers. It allows users to easily monitor and sniff bus data in embedded systems, which is often necessary when developing new products or debugging existing ones. Total Phase, a company built by and for engineers, knows the value of bus monitoring which is why Data Center Software and our line of hardware analyzers were created.
2022-01-05 Rena Ayeras
We have the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter  for programming EEPROMs. We are trying to use Python to read and write the EEPROM data, but with our software, the Aardvark adapter keeps writing 0s to the target devices, not the data that we programmed. What can we do to understand and fix the problem? Also, are there any guidelines for programming with the Aardvark adapter?