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2021-12-15 Jessica Hopkins
Total Phase offers a breadth of protocol analysis and development tools for I2C, SPI, CAN, USB, and eSPI protocols. In particular, our eSPI analysis tool allows users to non-intrusively monitor the eSPI protocol, providing real-time insight into data packet errors and other crucial eSPI bus events. In addition to eSPI monitoring, users can also perform active eSPI simulation to send messages on the bus with the addition of our API.
2021-12-08 Rena Ayeras
I am designing a PCB for a new project. I am considering the Promira Serial Platform for speed, I2C protocol support, as well as connecting to a target board for development. I have looked at the Promira Serial Platform datasheet, and I have some questions:
2021-12-01 Jessica Hopkins
I2C, SPI, and UART are commonly used as means for communication between devices within an embedded system due to their simplicity and ease of operation. While they all accomplish a similar goal of sending data, they each have many differences as well as advantages and disadvantages to consider when choosing which to use.