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2021-03-31 Rena Ayeras
Our developers are starting to analyze the interaction between two devices, neither of which has an operating system (OS). One device is a printer. The other device is a medical device that monitors a hospital patient.
2021-03-24 Jessica Hopkins
The Data Center Software is Total Phase’s free bus monitoring software that is used in conjunction with the line of Beagle Protocol Analyzers, Komodo CAN Duo Interface, USB Power Delivery Analyzer, and Promira Serial Platform with the eSPI Analysis Application. This software provides an interface that is used to capture, monitor, and debug I2C, SPI, USB, USB Power Delivery, CAN, and eSPI communication between devices in real time. Additionally, it allows engineers to gather valuable insights into their embedded systems, providing various details about the devices under test and captured data, including low-level bus events, enumeration details, packet data, bus errors, and much more.
2021-03-17 Rena Ayeras
I am using the  Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer with a PKSA for probing a temperature sensor. I have two questions about viewing and interpreting the captured data.
2021-03-10 Kathleen Chan
Our Promira Serial Platform is configured as a slave and is connected to a processor which acts as the master. The master sends 3 bytes of data on the MOSI and later reads 3 bytes and multiple dummy data bytes. The slave must then respond with the 3 bytes and the multiple dummy data bytes. The total bytes are more than 256 bytes.
2021-03-03 Rena Ayeras
Can you help me use Cheetah Software API commands correctly? I am using the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter running SPI at 1 MHz. I am trying to repeatedly send the target device four bytes of data (4, 41, 0, 0), as shown in the command sequence below.