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2020-12-16 Jessica Hopkins
Communication protocols are some of the essential building blocks of an embedded system. They are what governs how data is sent over the bus, including whether data is sent serially, in parallel, asynchronously, or through a master/slave paradigm.
2020-12-09 Jessica Hopkins
The introduction of integrated circuits (ICs) has revolutionized the way embedded systems operate today. By integrating transistor circuits onto a single chip, electronics developers could create advanced computing devices like laptop computers and mobile phones. When discussing how embedded systems operate, we often hear about integrated circuits and microprocessors. So, what exactly are these components, how do they differ, and how do they relate to embedded systems? In this article, we’ll provide some background on their relationship and how they have modernized the embedded systems industry.
2020-12-02 Brendan Murphy
With the rapid evolution of electronics, it is important to stay up to date with the latest technologies. A common question that is asked is: “what are the differences between embedded systems and microcontrollers?”  In this blog post, we will discuss these two technologies and answer that question.