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Control Center Serial Software Series: Support for a Variety of I2C and SPI Applications
Brendan Murphy

The Control Center Serial Software is one of the free GUI applications offered by Total Phase. It is designed specifically to work with our host adapter products allowing users to emulate a master or slave by quickly issuing Read and Write commands over an I2C or SPI bus. This easy-to-use software tool can perform a variety of functions suited to a range of customer applications. The Control Center Software can be used with the popular Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter, our flagship Promira Serial Platform, or the speedy Cheetah SPI Host Adapter.

Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter Cheetah SPI Host Adapter Promira Serial Platform

What does the Control Center Serial Software do?

The Control Center Serial Software was created to help users interface with their I2C and SPI devices. With the software, users are able to quickly connect to their target I2C or SPI system and issue read and write commands. Programming, prototyping, and stress testing are among the various applications enabled by the software. With direct access to I2C and SPI buses, you are able to begin testing and debugging within minutes of setup.

OS Support

One of the biggest pain points our customers face in the engineering world is the lack of support for operating systems across their tools. Some tools work on Linux, some on Windows and others on Mac OS. However, it is very rare to find a tool that works on all three of the major operating systems simultaneously. At Total Phase, our software programs work on all of the major operating systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.


Control Center Serial Software downloads

Software support for all major Operating Systems


Using the Control Center Serial Software with one of our host adapters, it is possible to easily prototype early designs. The Promira Serial Platform and Aardvark I2C/SPI adapter make this possible with the ability to act as a master or slave. This provides the capability to simulate components before actually implementing them into the design.

Simply launch the Control Center Software, connect the Aardvark I2C/SPI adapter or Promira platform, and then access the I2C and SPI Master and Slave controls in the software. Enter the Master or Slave address and then enter data in the message box below. Click Master Write and watch as the Control Center Software and Total Phase host adapter work together to simulate a component in your early stage product designs.

I2C/SPI Mode in Control Center Serial Software


Programming is also made easy using the Control Center Serial Software and Total Phase tools. If you have the need to program a SPI or I2C chip for prototypes or production, the Control Center Serial Software makes the process easy. Start by launching the Control Center Serial Software and connecting to the Aardvark or Cheetah adapter or the Promira platform. Enter the slave address of the target device and simply enter the data into the message box and click Master Write. The host adapter will now program the target device with the data provided. Using the Master Read function, it is possible to verify and read back the contents of the newly programmed device.

Programming Using Batch Scripting

The Control Center Serial Software also offers Batch Mode for executing a series of programming commands. The Batch Mode supports XML scripting with a built-in editor and the ability to load and save files. Using this mode, users can run repetitive commands or a series of tasks with a single click of the Execute button.  The script will be run and the progress will be shown in the transaction log below.

Batch Mode Directions in Control Center Serial Software Batch Mode in Control Center Serial Software

For more information on batch mode or automating tasks with Control Center, check out this blog post that goes into more detail on how to do both.

Stress Testing

The Control Center Serial Software is also useful for stress testing an I2C or SPI system. Stress testing is best performed using the batch mode to run an automated script designed to flood the system with information/data. By sending large amounts of data or issuing a high volume of commands, developers can determine how a system preforms under extreme conditions. Stress testing helps to determine the device limits before delivery into the hands of customers. Using the Control Center Serial Software, stress testing is as simple as writing a script and then hitting the Execute button. Then sit back and watch as Total Phase tools put the system to work. Check out this blog post to see how one of our customers stress tested their system using our Promira Serial Platform and the Control Center Serial Software.


The Control Center Serial Software is a must have when it comes to interacting with I2C or SPI embedded systems. This single piece of software enables a variety of applications including programming, prototyping, and stress testing. The easy-to-use and feature-rich platform gives engineers exactly what they need when it comes to development tools. Combined with the Total Phase I2C and SPI host adapters and serial platforms, complete testing is possible at an affordable price. To learn more about our solutions for I2C and SPI testing give us a call at (408)-850-6501 or email us at sales@totalphase.com.