How Can I Use One Cheetah SPI Host Adapter to Simultaneously Program Identical Devices?

Question from the Customer:

We are using the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter to program ICs on our test bed. In many cases, two ICs are designated to receive exactly the same data. These ICs are the same SPI devices. To save time, instead of programming ICs one by one, we would like to program these devices simultaneously. The Cheetah adapter may be...

What is Embedded Systems Software?

For engineers that approach embedded systems design from a hardware background, configuring software for embedded systems can pose a significant challenge. Those with experience and know-how in software engineering will still need to adapt their software design and programming methodologies to meet the unique requirements of embedde...

National Macintosh Computer Day

Happy National Macintosh Computer Day!


From Dress up your Pet Day to Squirrel Appreciation Day, the list of creative holidays never ceases to amaze. Today, in case you didn’t know is Macintosh Computer day so we get to spend a moment to appreciate Apple Macintosh computers.


The History of Macintosh and Personal Computing


The Mac was or...

What Causes the I2C Bus Lock and How Do I Fix It So I Can Program a Device?

Question from the Customer:

I am trying to use Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter and the Flash Center Software to program an I2C device, but it keeps failing because the bus is locked as shown below.

View of Locked I2C Bus with Flash Center Software

What causes the I2C bus lock? What do you suggest I do to keep the bus open so I can program the I2C device?

Response from Technical Support:  ...

What is the USB Type-C Connector Class?

USB Type-C is known for being a powerful yet flexible connector. It brings multiple different capabilities to the user including its ability to bidirectionally transmit both data and video protocols at rapid speeds and support up to 100W of power using the Power Delivery (PD) protocol. Essentially, USB Type-C is a connector that can support...

What Causes I2C Clock Stretching? When Is It Needed?

Question from the Customer:

We are using the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter as an I2C slave to test a master I2C port on another device. It appears the Aardvark adapter uses clock stretching while it is configured as a slave. Can you tell us what causes clock stretching?  When should we expect to see that feature occur?

Response from Technic...