Hidden Damage to Your Phone’s Battery Due to Wireless Charging? Sticking to Quality Cables May be the Way to Go.

Potential Damage to Your Phone’s Battery Due to Wireless Charging

What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging, also known as inductive charging, is a newly introduced approach to charging mobile-phone batteries. This method uses induction from the electromagnetic coils in the phone and charging platform to transfer power.

While this new concept is convenient for phone users, it may actually be causing ...

How Do I Talk to an I2C Translating Switch with an 8-bit Address?

Question from the Customer:

I am working with the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter and the Aardvark Software API (Python). I am using the command aaspi_eeprom.py 0 100 read 0 0 4096. The I2C device I am working with is a PCA9546 translating switch: the address is 0xE0 and the EEPROM I am talking to connects to port 1 of the switch.

What changes ...

Why Do I See Different DC Resistance Results when I Flip a USB Type-A to USB Type-C Cable?

Question from the Customer:

With the Advanced Cable Tester V2, I am testing samples of USB Type-A to USB Type-C cables from various suppliers. In many cases, I see a DC Resistance failure for “GND+SHIELD A-Side Link”. I captured the results of a single cable with normal and flipped orientations (CC is on the same side as DP/DM, or CC...

Top 10 Most Common IoT Security Issues of 2019

There’s no denying that the Internet of Things (IoT) has expanded and improved technology. Not only does it help businesses gauge customer satisfaction, medical professionals gain a more accurate read on patient symptoms, or a runner track how many calories she burns as she improves her mile time, but it has also led professionals ac...

How Do I Interface the Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer to SPI Flash Slave and Master Devices?

Interfacing to hardware for data from SPI devices Image source: Geralt

Question from the Customer:

We are starting to use a Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer to capture data that is sent to and received from a SPI serial flash device (25L64 type) by an MCU.

  • We have the pin-out for the SPI flash memory.
  • We also have the 10-pin header pin signal assignment list from the Beagle manual.
  • The t...

DisplayPort 2.0 is the Latest DisplayPort Spec – How does it Compare to DisplayPort 1.4?

DisplayPort (DP) 2.0 is the newest specification released by VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) in June 2019. This new release comprises of a number of new features and upgrades from the previous DisplayPort 1.4 spec. Let’s get to know the differences between DisplayPort 1.4 vs DisplayPort 2.0, and learn what we can expect wi...