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2019-04-30 Staff Writer
Embedded systems engineering is full of opportunities to impact the everyday lives of people around the world. The global market for embedded systems continues to increase each year, with a recent report by analysts at Research and Markets projecting a global annual market growth rate of 6.5% CAGR up to 2024. With diverse applications in communications, consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace & defense, healthcare, and energy, embedded systems technology is poised to play a major role in transforming how we interact with technology in our everyday lives.
2019-04-25 Rena Ayeras
I am using the Komodo CAN Duo Interface with Komodo Software API. I’m using km_https://www.totalphase.com/products/komodo-software-api/can_read() to retrieve the CAN data. To ensure system capacity is not overloaded, I need to know the CAN bus load. It looks like I can’t get the number of raw bits per frame – is there another way to measure the bus load?
2019-04-23 Staff Writer
In our data-driven society, innovators and engineers are looking at the Internet of Things (IoT) as an opportunity to introduce new data collection methods that will dramatically change how organizations learn about their surroundings and respond to threats and changes - and there's at least one new technology that's making an impact.
2019-04-18 Rena Ayeras
I am using the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter with Aardvark Software API.
2019-04-16 Jessica Hopkins
Lightning cables, intended for use with iPhone, iPad, and iPod, are some of the most widely used cables by consumers. We see an abundance of Lightning cables available anywhere from online retailers to brick and mortar shops. With Lightning cables in high demand, there are several cable manufactures that produce and sell such cables to consumers; while many of them are certified MFi (Made for iPhone) compliant, there are also many that are not, and these companies have been known to distribute potentially dangerous and unsafe products.
2019-04-11 Rena Ayeras
I’ll be using the Promira Serial Platform with SPI Active - Level 1 Application to program and test a new prototype SPI Flash.  For programming, it looks like I could use the Flash Center Software. There are a few similar devices in the parts library, but it looks like a new XML file needs to be created for this device. Can I do that?  Also, can you provide some guidelines of what to look for if the new XML file doesn’t seem to work?
2019-04-09 Staff Writer
The massive military defense budget of the United States ensures that it has access to the latest technology that uses embedded systems and computing to support troops in the battlefield. Embedded systems in military applications have different requirements than the ones we use in civilian life - they must be highly secure to prevent reverse engineering or data interception, ruggedly designed to withstand harsh conditions in the battlefield, and implement components sourced from a trusted entity to prevent unauthorized software from being loaded onto the devices.
2019-04-04 Rena Ayeras
I’m using the Beagle USB 5000 v2 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzer - Standard Edition, and I have a question about triggering. How can I set the Beagle USB 5000 v2 analyzer to automatically capture every LFPS (Low Frequency Periodic Signaling) reset?
2019-04-02 Jessica Hopkins
Cable manufacturers produce thousands of cables per day, each containing numerous components that are often assembled on a production or assembly line. Parts are often assembled by hand in these settings because of the intricacy and precision required to produce the advanced cables we see today. With so many variables involved, ensuring a perfect, quality cable each time is close to impossible. Cable testing methods currently used by cable manufacturers may not be adequate for these circumstances. Here, we’ll go into what these methods are and why performing these may leave open opportunity for bad cables to make their way to market.