I Have the Promira Serial Platform – How Do I Best Capture SPI Data, Including Read/Write Errors?

Question from the Customer:

I recently acquired the Promira Serial Platform with the SPI Active - Level 3 Application.  I will be using the SPI interface to erase, write, and read a Flash memory part repeatedly during an environmental test. Which software package should I use?

Also, I need to I capture read/write errors.  What are your reco...

8 IoT Protocols That You Need to Know

If you're just getting involved in the fast-growing and revolutionary field of IoT-enabled embedded systems development, one of the first things you'll notice is the wide range of communication protocol specifications being used in the industry. Wireless communication between IoT-enabled devices is a very new technology and lacks a consistent...

How Do I Use the Promira Serial Platform to Simulate an eSPI Master?

Question from the Customer:

Can I use the Promira Serial Platform to act as a master for the eSPI protocol? Would the eSPI Analysis Application work for this?

Response from Technical Support:

Thanks for your question!  The Promira platform can be used to simulate an eSPI master.  However, the Promira eSPI Analysis Application is not capabl...

Cost Savings and Benefits of Cable Testing with the Advanced Cable Tester v2

Cable testing has been known to be a costly and laborious undertaking when it comes to manufacturing cables. It sometimes requires hundreds of thousands of dollars invested into highly trained personnel and expensive equipment to ensure that each cable passes inspection, sometimes even requiring restructuring of production processes. With the...

What Are the Principles of the HEO and VEO Measurements with the Advanced Cable Tester?

Question from the Customer:

I need to test cables that are in development. Before I get started, I have some questions about the Advanced Cable Tester:

  1. How does the Advanced Cable Tester obtain the HEO and VEO measurements of the eye diagram? What test principles are used?
  2. What are the units of HEO & VEO? When I use an oscilloscope to view a...

Step-by-Step Guide to Agile Software Development Life Cycle

Agile software development emerged in the early 2000s as a new paradigm for delivering quality software products that satisfy the needs of the business in a timely fashion. Throughout the 1990s, the application of traditional project management methodologies to software development products led to considerable frustration. The significant t...