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Total Phase’s A2B Bus Monitor makes its way to CES 2019
Jessica Hopkins

What is CES?

The Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES, is one of the largest innovative technologies shows that brings together over one-hundred thousand show-goers from all the world to check out the latest developments and breakthrough technologies in consumer electronics. This year, this convention is set to host up to 4,500+ exhibiting companies, all presenting their latest product developments. Among these companies include manufacturers, developers, and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, and technology delivery systems.

Total Phase A2B Bus Monitor to be featured at Analog Devices’ Booth

Analog Devices, a Total Phase partner, is exhibiting at CES this year where they are showcasing their latest advances for autonomous driving, healthcare, and home entertainment. For their automotive demonstrations, Analog Devices will be presenting and demoing Total Phase’s A2B Bus Monitor. The A2B Bus Monitor was developed alongside Analog Devices, as it incorporates testing and debugging abilities for Analog Device’s registered protocol, A2B, or Automotive Audio Bus. It incorporates a two-wire system that delivers high fidelity audio while also improving fuel efficiency due to the substantial decrease is overall cable weight. This new protocol is a huge advancement in the automotive industry, and is anticipated to be a preferred protocol in future vehicles developments.

A2B Bus Monitor package

The A2B Bus Monitor is hosted on the Promira Serial Platform and can be used with the A2B Adapter Board to passively monitor an A2B system.

How A2B Benefits the Automotive Industry

With A2B making its mark within the automotive industry, Total Phase has introduced the A2B Bus Monitor that gives developers the right tool to debug and obtain real-time views into A2B traffic on the bus. The A2B Bus Monitor, developed as a downloadable application on the Total Phase Promira Serial Platform, allows developers to non-intrusively monitor A2B data on the line in multiple ways: we offer visualization into traditional Bus Data, Node Topology, and Audio Channels. The Node Topology view allows quick visualization of all nodes on the bus, while the Audio Channels view allows users to diagnose audio channel problems.

Learn about the A2B Bus Monitor

We’re pleased to have the A2B Bus Monitor presented at a distinguished event such as CES, and even further to be displayed alongside an accredited company such as Analog Devices. Analog Devices will be located at Booth 30322 for those interested in getting a first-hand look at this product. To learn more about the A2B Bus Monitor, please visit our website or contact us at sales@totalphase.com.