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How IoT will Impact Different Industries

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is essentially a network of physical devices embedded into everyday objects  that are interconnected together through Internet, allowing them to send and receive data with each other.

IoT and Embedded Systems

The integration of IoT and embedded systems has been increasingly common because together they can provide enhanced automation of systems with real-time data. Gil Ben-Dov, the CEO of Total Phase, discusses the various industries that will be most affected by these advancements.

IoT and Industry Advantages

He discusses how IoT in manufacturing is improving safety and efficiency, how agriculture is becoming automated through the use of sensors and smart technologies, and energy industries are using smart meters to track energy consumption. He also goes into how homes will continue to become fully automated and supply chain and cryptocurrency industries will see quality and transparency improvements.

To learn more about the impact of these industries in detail, read the full article here.