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Total Phase A2B Bus Monitor at Electronica 2018
Jessica Hopkins

Electronica 2018 recently took place in late November in Munich, Germany. This is the world’s largest trade fair and conference for components, systems, and applications. Those working with PCBs, semiconductors, sensors, connectors, or displays were able to roam the exhibit floors to discover the latest tools and solutions for their developments.

Analog Devices Displayed Total Phase Automotive Audio Bus Tools

Hundreds of different companies from around the world came to exhibit and display their latest products, and while Total Phase was not present at this event, our tools still made quite the impression! Our partner, Analog Devices, exhibited and presented Total Phase’s Promira Serial Platform and A2B Bus Monitor at their booth. The Total Phase A2B Bus Monitor was developed alongside Analog Devices, as they first conceptualized the A2B protocol, or Automotive Audio Bus. A2B allows developers to design vehicles more efficiently, as it delivers high fidelity audio for automobiles while significantly reducing the weight of existing cables, allowing vehicles to improve fuel efficiency – resulting in decreased costs!

Analog Devices display of A2B Bus Monitor and Promira Serial Platform at Electronica 2018


The Total Phase A2B Bus Monitor and Promira Serial Platform are located in top left corner of the display.

How the A2B Bus Monitor  Analyzes Audio Channels

The A2B Bus Monitor is one of Total Phase’s latest products, released earlier this year. It non-intrusively sniffs bus data, giving users a real-time view into A2B traffic. Those that visited Electronica and stopped by the Analog Devices booth were able to experience the A2B Bus Monitor and its features including the Node Topology and Audio Channels views. The Node Topology View provides an overview of all node configurations on the A2B bus, while the Audio Channels View allows users to diagnose audio channel problems.

Analog Devices display of A2B bus and Promira Serial Platform

eVision Systems Distributes the Promira Serial Platform in Germany

Also, our German distributor eVision Systems, attended the Electronica event. eVision Systems is our only Premier reseller in Germany, meaning they have the specialized training and expertise to sell our premier tool, the Promira Serial Platform. We’re pleased that Total Phase and our tools were well represented at this great event!

Interested in the A2B Bus Monitor but missed it at Electronica?  Check out this video for a full demonstration of the tool:

For those further interested in learning more about our tools, please contact us at sales@totalphase.com. You can also request a demo specific for your application.

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