Top Embedded System Products Introduced in 2018

With 2018 coming to an end, we wanted to reflect on 5 of the top products released this year. These releases incorporated some of the most advanced technology to date, making these embedded systems superior in power performance, storage, and new capabilities, putting them at the top of their game. Take a look at what made our list.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Released August 2018

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is of the new products this year that has made a big impression for smartphone lovers. It incorporates an updated 8GB RAM and 10nm processor that gives this phone its powerful performance and unique features. With these additions, this phone is perfect for gamers and those looking to use the phone for much more than internet browsing, texting, and phone calls. The enhanced processor ensures there is no lag, while Artificial Intelligence provides a super-smooth, high-quality display.

The phone also includes a water-carbon cooling system that diffuses heat to cool the processor, making sure the quality of performance is not compromised. Furthermore, for those that enjoy taking photos, this phone does not disappoint. It includes a dual aperture lens and can intelligently recognize objects, allowing it to automatically optimize colors, contrast, and exposure.

This phone is great for those out and about, as its battery is able to last all day on a single charge – it even includes wireless charging technology. With all these features, it’s easy to see why this phone is at the top of the best phones released this year.

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Samsung Galaxy9 Phone


Apple Watch Series 4

Released September 2018

Smartwatches have grown in popularity in the last couple years, and Apple has been one of the market leaders of this new kind of technology. The Apple Watch Series 4 is one of the most advanced releases of smartwatches on the market to date. It has the largest display on any Apple watch yet, and allows users to do much more from a single device, including calling, texting, streaming music, and even fitness tracking.

Apple watches have continuously included a heart rate monitor since conception, but the Series 4 includes a new electrical heart sensor that can be used within their ECG app that generates an electrocardiogram which displays heartbeats. It also can be a great fitness motivator, as it can detect the type of workout while providing guidance to the user to ensure optimal performance.

This is all possible with the S4 chip processor within the smartwatch. This design incorporates a System in Package (SiP), where the entire system is manufactured onto a single component. This is especially unique to the Apple Watch, as it’s the only product that runs using this design!

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Apple Watch series 4

Smart Speakers

Amazon Echo Dot Gen 3

Released September 2018

Smart speakers are continuously growing in popularity in homes all over the world. In 2018, we’ve seen the introduction of Echo Dot Gen 3, which includes all the familiar functionality of previous Echo Dot releases, like being able to acquire information and perform tasks all from voice commands, but this product showcases a more rounded, fabric covered design, giving it a more modern aesthetic. This device still incorporates Bluetooth functionality, allowing wireless connections to the device.  I

t also incorporates improved sound quality compared to past generations with a newer 1.6-inch speaker providing 360-degree sound. It includes some of the highest quality phone calling capabilities and can make on demand calls directly from the speaker itself. For those looking to have a smaller speaker with good sound and call quality, this one is one of the best available.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Released October 2018

The Microsoft Surface Pro is a new tablet that was released this year. The Surface Pro is known for its 2-in-1 designs that allows these versatile devices to be turned from a tablet to a laptop in just seconds. The Surface Pro 6 continues to use this compact design, but what’s different about this 2018 release is its incorporation of Intel’s 8th Generation Intel Core processor: the i5 Core Processor. This addition will allow the device to run approximately 63% faster than its predecessor.

The battery on the Surface Pro 6 also can run for 13.5 hours of entertainment – a huge jump from previous releases running for 10 hours. There is also an increase in RAM in this release, up to 8GB or 16GB. The touchscreen uses High-resolution PixelSense™ and has exceptional graphics using Intel UHD Graphics 620.

This device also incorporates two cameras, where the front facing 5.0MP camera uses Windows Hello face authentication and 1080p Skype HD video. The 8.0MP rear camera has an autofocus camera with 1080p full HD video as well. Overall, the Surface Pro 6 outperforms previous releases by increasing performance while conserving power.

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Smart Home Devices

Facebook Portal and Portal Plus

Released November 2018

The Facebook Portal is a newly introduced device that provides a new way for friends and family to connect face-to-face through an innovative video chat device. There have been multiple different releases of the product this year, including the Portal and Portal Plus. Both devices include a touchscreen display and 12MP 140° DFOV camera, but their latest device, the Portal Plus, includes a 15.6-inch screen and 1080p resolution.

It incorporates Artificial Intelligence technology that allows the camera to follow and zoom in and out on those within the camera peripheral view, making the video experience more intimate. It also allows users to perform an interactive video chatting experience through Story Time, where users can apply various filters to become animated characters. It includes many other features that also make this an all-around great tool for the home.

It connects to Amazon’s Alexa so information is readily available at all times. It also poses as a dynamic photo frame called Superframe, that displays photos and videos posted on Facebook. Users can also listen to music with others on the call at the same time with no lag or delay. Overall, the device is great for connecting people together over distances.

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The year 2018 did not disappoint in providing some awesome new products for consumers. Whether it’s a new release or a new generation of the product, each incorporates embedded systems that allow the devices to perform at their highest caliber. Total Phase provides engineers testing and development tools for embedded systems incorporating I2C, SPI, USB, CAN, eSPI, and A2B. For more information on our tools and how they can help with your project, please contact You can also request a demo specific to your application.

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