You Can Easily Create and Verify XML Part Files for your SPI Flash Device using Flash Center Software and Cheetah GUI Software

Question from the Customer:

I purchased a Cheetah SPI Host Adapter to read and write to a SPI Flash device and it is working well for that task. The board I am working on also contains a SPI FRAM (Cypress FM25V01) and I wonder if a device file can be created so that I can read/write to this part? I glanced at some of the Flash Center Software xml part files but it wasn't intuitively obvious how to set this up.

Response from Technical Support:

Thanks for your question! The Flash Center Software does not have built-in support for the Cypress FM25V01. However, you can write your own XML file for this device and add it to the parts library. For information, please refer to the section Adding Memory Devices in the Flash Center Software User Manual.


You Can Modify XML Part Files that Are Provided with Flash Center Software

We recommend starting with an existing part file for a similar device and then modifying the XML fields to match your particular device parameters.  The various fields such as the device ID and timing parameters are available in the device's data sheet.

As a reference for your own XML file, you can take a look at 'st-spi-flash-m25pe.xml' under parts in the Flash Center Software GUI installation folder.


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Verify Your XML Part Files with Cheetah GUI Software

To verify that your commands work, you can download the Cheetah GUI Software application,  connect to the Cheetah adapter and then manually send and receive commands. We suggest that you start with a simple READ ID command and work your way through the other commands.

For more information about using GUI, please refer to our Knowledge Base article Writing and Reading from SPI Flash Using Cheetah Adapter and Cheetah GUI.  This article provides detailed instructions on how to communicate with an SPI flash chip using the Cheetah adapter and the Cheetah GUI Software. You will need to modify it for the FRAM chip.

We hope this answers your questions. Additional resources that you may find helpful include the following:

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