I need to capture high-speed eSPI traffic, what do you recommend?

Question from the Customer:

I’m trying to monitor eSPI traffic at 48 MHz. However, the method I’m currently using degrades the eSPI signals.  To get clean signals, the bus had to be slowed down to 8MHz before it was reliable again. Unfortunately, that does not support the functionalities that I need to verify and support.

In addition, I wa...

With the Right Tools, It Is Easy to Expand from Single SPI to Dual and Quad SPI Modes

Question from the Customer:

I’ve been using Cheetah SPI Host Adapter and Flash Center Software and they work really well together.  I have a new client and their new design includes Quad SPI – is there any way to use your high-speed Cheetah adapter for that project? What are my options?

Response from Technical Support:

Thanks for your ques...

The Inside Story of Medical Equipment and Embedded Devices

The human body is a complex system. Engineers, scientists and physicians are doing their best to keep our systems running with embedded devices and medical equipment.

embedded devices and medical equipment
Paralysis may not be a permanent condition. 

When applicable, nerve stimulation and physical therapy are used to help the brain relearn how to communicate with an area where th...

How Do I Best Choose Which Level of Cable Tester Applications to my Applications?

Question from the Customer:

I clearly have use for the Advanced Cable Tester. I will be testing USB cables and want to know if I need the Advanced Cable Tester - Level 2 Application if I am just testing Type-C USB 3.1 Gen 1 cables? What is the benefit of using the Level 2  Application?

Response from Technical Support:

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How Embedded Systems Impact Your Everyday Life

From the computer systems that control safety features in the latest automobiles to the ATMs we use regularly to access cash, embedded systems can be found everywhere in our society. In fact, a full 98% of microprocessors manufactured today will find their use in embedded systems. That leaves just 2% for use in computers!
To help our readers und...