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2017-12-29 Staff Writer
With the growing popularity of embedded systems, concerns about security and privacy of these systems have risen dramatically in a short period of time. While operating systems like Windows and MacOS have well-known antivirus solutions that are constantly updated with new virus definitions, the ubiquity and modularity of embedded systems makes them more difficult to secure.
2017-12-27 Staff Writer
Host Bus Adapters need to be properly integrated into the computer servers or embedded systems. Most of the common problems related to Host Bus Adapters deal with proper setup and ensuring that they are properly configured for the software or firmware the server or embedded system uses. There are other installation issues that the engineer needs to consider while setting up their Host Bus Adapter within the server or embedded system. We want to ensure that you are aware of some of these issues so that you are prepared before you begin the installation process of your Host Bus Adapter.
2017-12-19 Staff Writer
The last two decades have been a period of unprecedented innovation when it comes to integrating technology into the classroom environment. In just twenty years, educators have had to adopt significant paradigm shifts in regard to using technology in the classroom. Consider the following examples:
2017-12-14 Rena Ayeras
Sensors, processors, controllers - all electronic devices require power. Sometimes the energy source is continuous, such as direct AC power or AC converted to DC, easily replaceable batteries, or only need to function during the day, which makes solar power a viable solution. However, some devices don’t have access to constant external power, are not easily accessible, yet continuously run long-term. There are very remote sensors and implanted medical devices that must provide continuous support without frequent recharge or battery replacement.  In such cases, it’s not practical to depend on “ordinary” power sources; the solution is dependent on less power.
2017-12-14 Staff Writer
The grocery business has faced a number of challenges over the last several decades. High fixed costs, slim profit margins, perishable products with diverse handling requirements, and the need to manage distribution with a growing network of suppliers have all made it difficult to turn a profit, and even so, competition is at an all-time high. Discounters who specialize in minimizing costs are eating up larger and larger portions of the market, squeezing margins even thinner for stores offering higher-end service and more product selection.
2017-12-12 Rena Ayeras
I‘ll be using the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter and Flash Center Software and I have some questions -– how do I view checksums?  Also, can I get a checksum for the entire device?
2017-12-07 Rena Ayeras
I’m using the Beagle USB 5000 v2 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzer - Standard Edition to monitor a Blu-ray recorder with an external USB-HDD. I’d like to run the device using command line.  This is all very new to me – can you send me an example of batch script? I’ll be using a MacBook.
2017-12-06 Rena Ayeras
GPS data has been system integrated with UART for some time, an asynchronous system. With navigation becoming more prevalent in commercial products, as well as mobile robotic devices and the coming of self-driving vehicles, I2C is now being integrated with GPS signals.