How do I set up the Komodo CAN Solo Interface to send or receive RTR frames with a device on the CAN bus?

Question from the Customer:

Can we use the Komodo CAN Solo Interface to send Remote Transmission Request (RTR) to another CAN device?  My colleagues have been trying with a CAN interface on their processor connected to the Komodo interface, but so far, there has been no response. How can we set it up so it works

Response from Technical Support:

Thanks for your question!  Using the Komodo GUI Software, you can easily set up your Komodo interface to send RTR frames to the CAN device.  Here is how to set this up in the Komodo GUI.  Navigate to the General CAN Mode and fill in the following fields:

  1. For the Remote Request box:
    • If the Komodo interface is sending data, check the Remote Request box
    • If the Komodo interface is receiving data, uncheck the Remote Request box
  2. Fill in the following fields with the appropriate values:
    • CAN ID: the destination CAN node
    • DLC: the number of bytes per CAN packet

Here’s an example of what the setup looks like:

Komodo GUI set up remote framesFor more information, please refer to the General CAN Mode section of the Komodo GUI Software User Manual.

Additional resources that you may find helpful include the following:

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