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With infinite holidays and fun-to-have gadgets you can celebrate everyday
Rena Ayeras

Feel like celebrating? Need a reason but can’t find one? You are in luck, random holidays are popping up like weeds.  Now you can find any number of reasons to celebrate every day of the year – check out this calendar.

Why not go all out and make your celebration one you won’t soon forget. Food, drinks, gifts, decorations and of course good company – they all make your celebration worthwhile.

Make your summer evening magical. Warm evenings, friends, BBQ – add the color of vacation to your patio. Lumenplay® App-Enabled Lights are color-changing, LED lights, customized and tech-enabled. Spread your cheer cheer in your own personal way each outdoor evening with these cool color-changing, smartphone app lights. Graduation, birthday and anniversary gifts coming your way? With smart security cameras, you can keep an eye on your porch to monitor if a package has arrived. These cameras also come with smartphone connectivity and thus they can be used to monitor your porch on a real-time basis through an app Additionally, you can find certain cameras on the market that feature an alarm system to help deter thieves. Make your home safer while you’re away. Use a motion sensor in combination with your security camera. Together these can prevent anyone from spoiling your gift giving. Or, simply place a motion sensor near your pile of wrapped to keep an eye on family members who may try to sneak a peak. You can receive an SMS based alerts whenever someone attempts to snoop at their gift. Take a break – get yourself a smart cooker.  Cooking is fun when you have a cooker that’s both intelligent and intuitive. Smart cookers automatically determine the temperature of the food to when it is completely cooked and ready to be served. On top of that, it can also keep the delicious meal warm until you and your family is ready to dig in. Have fun with the little ones with color changing lights. Play Santa with your kids with the help of these smart bulbs. The color of these smart bulbs can be changed instantly from a smartphone app. So, how about placing a few in your kids’ room and changing the color to red or green?  It’s a clever way to tell them whether they have been naughty or nice this year and get them excited for the holiday season. Save on your utility bills while you are away. Going away for a few hours or a long deserved vacation? With a smart thermostat, you can remotely monitor and set the thermostat ultimately saving energy and money. On-demand coffee makers. Now you can satisfy your guests’ coffee cravings with an intelligent coffee maker. The intelligent coffee makers is a programmable coffee maker with an auto shut-off feature. You can command the machine to brew from anywhere you have access to the mobile app and a live Internet connection. Smart coffee makers will definitely help you ease the stress of the upcoming holiday season.

Smart devices (all of which include embedded technology) are the best things since sliced bread and oh so popular with the tech-gadget lover in your life. It would be unwise (not to mention un-cool) not to have a few cool gadgets in your home. Smart devices add security monitoring, remote and environmental controls, convenience, and a cool quotient to any home. Have a look at how these smart devices can make your life that much easier and more special.