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2017-08-31 Rena Ayeras
I have a new network device. To fully stress test its performance, I need to drive a lot of traffic on multiple buses. I’m considering your Promira Serial Platform. Can I easily control multiple Promira platforms from one computer? Which software applications should I use and how many Promira platforms can be managed from one computer?
2017-08-21 Staff Writer
We are all aware that self-driving cars are the transportation of the future. Google’s self-driving cars have logged almost 2 million miles. Other automakers, such as Volvo, Kia, BMW and General Motors are also working to develop fully automated cars. These cars will only be possible through the work of multiple embedded systems.
2017-08-16 Staff Writer
When thinking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) , most of us probably think of walking robots and talking computers. Thanks to a few science fiction movies, some of us might even relate AI to robots bent on destroying the world.
2017-08-14 Derek Fung
The new A2B Bus Monitor Application for the Promira Serial Platform® provides automotive audio engineers an easy-to-use web interface to non-intrusively monitor Analog Devices' Automotive Audio Bus (A2B).
2017-08-09 Staff Writer
Before we delve into the technicalities of serial communication protocols, let’s talk about communication in general.  We already know that communication involves the exchange of information between two or more individuals. Communication can take place in various ways – through written documents, spoken words, audio tapes, video lessons and more.
2017-08-07 Rena Ayeras
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2017-08-03 Staff Writer
With each passing day, embedded system designs are becoming more complex as they require increasing data transfer rates, shorter cycle times, and other requirements.