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Embedded Gifts for the Gadget Lover
Staff Writer

Are you looking for some gift ideas for the tech enthusiast in your life? These gadgets (using embedded technology) will please even the techiest of techies. There is something cool for just about every embedded device lover on this list!

Drone - this year’s hottest gift.

Enjoy the World's Smallest Camera Drone and possibly the most affordable one too. This pocket-sized quadcopter includes LEDs for remote-controlled nighttime flight, and a 2 GB MicroSD card to store and transfer photos. ~$30

This mini UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is essentially a mini robot. It includes some seriously smart technology including remote guidance and a video camera. It’s a mini robot/airplace - how much more embedded can you get?

Everyone loves music - shower speaker

Everyone always sounds better in the shower; sing along to your favorite jams with this waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker. A suction cup attaches it directly to the wall, giving you easy control over your smartphone's music. ~$20

Size matters and in this case bluetooth does too. Just by the mere fact that this is a bluetooth devices makes it an embedded technology.

MOSKITO Bike Speedometer/SmartWatch

This kickstarter device is a speedometer that doubles as a smartwatch. is a new speedometer that doubles as a smartwatch. It includes six bidirectional motors, and is able to provide notifications of calls, texts and emails when connected to a smartphone.

The main feature, though, is the speedometer. When the watch transitions to speedometer mode, the second hand displays the speed of travel in metric or imperial, the minute hand displays distance traveled, and the date dial notes the average speed. The hour hand still notes the time.  ~$30

Speedometer, calculating average speed, and connecting to your smartphone. This device is a complex embedded time piece, I mean speedometer.

Bluetooth Beanie/Headband

For the active person in your life... Wearable headsets have taken a new form – in the shape of a hat. There is a fusion of fashion and technology available in a beanie or headband that includes Bluetooth technology to connect to your smart device. These are quite affordable and stylish too. ~$35

Embedded? Bluetooth – need I say more.

Bluetooth Headphone Necklace

Talk on the phone much? Like accessories? Always misplacing headphones. As the ol’ proverb states, "Necessity is the mother of invention".  Buy the women in your life a practical and stylish set of headphones for her mobile device. Another Bluetooth technology, you can find just about any style and color – search for “Bluetooth headphones necklace” on Amazon. You won’t be disappointed.  $>30

Have a little more money to spend…

 Wilson X

This is a great gift for the athletes in your life. The Wilson X products, which currently include a connected Basketball and Football, are among the world’s first smart balls. The Wilson X Football tracks your throw speed, distance, spin rate and spiral efficiency. The Wilson X Basketball tracks shooting and performance stats including shots taken, shots made, two-pointers, three-pointers and free throws. Undetectable smart sensors tracks your play connecting via Bluetooth to the Wilson® X app on your iOS or Android device. It’s like having your own personal statistician. ~$200

How much more embedded can you get, a ball, that captures your stats and syncs with your smart device.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out these embedded gadgets and make your loved ones’ days better, happier, and smarter!