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Data streaming 32-bit words, what are the options - queuing four 8-bit words or one 32-Bit word?
Rena Ayeras

Question from the Customer:  I am working on a project with data streaming blocks of 10 32-bit words. From what I can tell using the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter, I can only send 8-bit words 40 times. How can I change the Cheetah adapter set up to meet my requirements? Response from Technical Support:

Thanks for your question!  The Cheetah adapter is constrained to only 8-bit word lengths.  To meet your requirements, we recommend the Promira Serial Platform as it can easily be configured to communicate with specified word lengths, including 32-bit words.


Here are two Promira Software API commands that support your process:

  • ps_queue_spi_write_word  sets the word size and write a stream of the same word to the downstream SPI slave device.
  • ps_spi_bitrate set the bitrate

For details about this software, refer to Promira API documentation. To get the best use of the Promira platform, there are three levels of SPI applications to upload to the Promira platform: SPI Active - Level 1 Application, SPI Active - Level 2 Application and SPI Active - Level 3 Application. Note: except for Level 1, the installation of each level of SPI Active must be preceded by the installation of the previous level.

Additional resources that you may find helpful include the following:

If you have other questions about our host adapters or other Total Phase products, feel free to email us at sales@totalphase.com, or if you already own one of our devices and have a technical question, please submit a request for technical support.