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USB Type-C Popularity Growing - Mainstream?

With Apple's recent announcement of 4 USB Type-C ports on the new MacBook Pro, there's no doubt USB Type-C is moving from the 'early adopter' stage to more mainstream.

black close up of usb type-c cable Image by Tomek from Pixabay

The link above provides a quick summary of some of the challenges we've seen with some Type-C implementations, but it also provides some great links to other active discussions on the USB Type-C topic.

In the meanwhile, we're releasing our Advanced Cable Tester (USB Type-C cable tester which is soon to include Standard-A and Micro-B testing too).  Our goal with this product is to offer  thorough safety and performance testing at a fraction of the price of the established compliance tests. We want bring the cost of testing cables to the point where it's more economical to test every cable at the end of the production line in the factory (and avoid cable failures), than to sell a shoddy cable and deal with returns, damages, and potential lawsuits.