Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) Minneapolis - Total Phase Storms In

“The wind begun to rock the grass
With threatening tunes and low, -
He flung a menace at the earth,
A menace at the sky….”

From A Thunderstorm by Emily Dickinson

 Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) Minneapolis.

Yep you guessed it, I got to experience a true Midwest thunderstorm. Born and raised in Southern California, I haven’t experienced many storms in my life. It was fa...

How Can I Monitor Clock Stretching on an I2C Bus?

Question from the Customer:

I would like to monitor the clock stretching that I am experiencing on the I2C bus. How can I do that?

Response from Technical Support:

Thanks for your question! Clock stretching is part of the functionality of I2C protocol; this feature is entirely transparent to the software. Clock stretching is when the I2C slave p...

How Do I Capture Only MOSI Data from SPI Traffic?

Question from the Customer:

I am using a Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer to look at SPI traffic. I want to capture on only records where MOSI data matches 01 00 00 00. How can I do that?

Configuration Error for filtering MOSI data

Figure 1: Data Center – customer configuration

Response from Technical Support:

Thanks for the question! For your setup, you will need to con...

8 Things You Need to Know if You Are an Engineer Working Remotely

 Remote Engineer's Home Officesource: stocksnap

There has been a shift in the working world. Work hours are no longer 9-5, people no longer sit in cubicles and terms like “WFH” and “telecommuting” are being repeated on a daily basis. Working professionals are demanding a work life balance that means flexibility to work from outside the confines of the office ...

What is the Easiest Way to Program and Verify a New SPI Memory Chip in Duo-Quad SPI Modes?

Question from the Customer:

We’ve been using the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter, but working with a new SPI memory chip (GD25Q80CTIG) that supports Duo and Quad SPI modes, it looks like we need a different approach.

We have been creating XML files for new chips and prototypes – and like the UI of  your Flash Center Software. We would like to cont...

Embedded Systems in the 2016 Rio Olympics and Their Influence

Since its inception, embedded system technology has continued its relentless march into our day-to-day lives. From the GPS tracking system in your car to the printer in your office, devices that are powered by embedded systems are all around.

However, the applications of embedded systems aren’t just confined to the realms of consumer electroni...

How and Why to use the API to Send a Stream of Continuous Data when the Promira Serial Platform is in SPI Slave Mode

Question from the Customer:

I have found it easy to use the Control Center Serial Software with the Promira Serial Platform but I seem to have a project that is more challenging. I need to send a stream of continuous data.

The configuration I am using:

  • The Promira platform in is SPI Slave mode
  • The Control Center Software MISO data is set fille...

Samsung urged to officially recall Galaxy Note 7 to prevent resale of a dangerous product

USB Type-C enables truly rapid charging of your battery operated devices by providing higher voltage and current than ever before through a USB cable.  But sometimes, aggressive power management and charging can become problematic.

This explanation from the Apple Insider explains the differences between USB2 and USB Type-C charging at a high le...

Total Phase USB Type-C and Power Delivery at the Microchip MASTERs Conference

Nothing says “toasty” like Arizona in August! This past August, we were back at the Microchip MASTERs Conference. The MASTERs Conference celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. It was my 2nd time here and it was just as fun and interesting as my first time.

 Total Phase booth at Masters Conference

New to the table this year was USB Type-C and Power Delivery (PD). Micro...