Working with USB Type-C Devices? Total Phase USB Power Delivery Analyzer Makes it Easy to Set up and Take Real Time Measurements

Do you know what it takes to start monitoring the communication between USB Type-C devices, as well as the VBUS and VCONN voltage? With the Total Phase USB Power Delivery Analyzer - download the software, connect the USB Power Delivery to your devices and take measurements. There are five easy steps shown in the video below:

As you also saw i...

How Do I Connect a Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer to an Embedded Circuit and Ensure Signal Integrity?

Question from the Customer:

I have a product with a Coldfire processor that is connected to a peripheral device via high-speed USB. The processor and the peripheral are on the same board and the USB lines are connected by copper traces. I want to monitor the USB traffic with our Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer, but since the USB signal lines b...

The Five Greatest Electrical Engineering Achievements from 2015

The engineering world is experiencing tremendous progress and exponential growth thanks to the dedication of individuals with a passion for technology advancements.

Thanks to these fervent few, our world has benefited from new broadened and prosperous technologies that are changing our lived. In 2015, the electrical engineering world showed us ...

How Does the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter Move from Development, Test and Verification to Production?

Question from the Customer:

I have created a program for a new flash device. Using the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter, this part has been debugged, tested and verified – it’s now ready for production. This is a special order for one customer – the volume we’ll need to produce is much smaller than usual.

Currently, what I can do is read a ...

The Unlimited Potential of Open Source Hardware

Open source hardware (OSH) refers to physical objects with specially licensed design specifications that allow just about anyone to study, modify, copy, redistribute, and even sell the hardware. The hardware can generally encompass any range of objects, including phones, cars, robots, computers, musical instruments, and houses. These are all com...

Why does Windows care whether a device driver is signed or unsigned? What is the difference?

Sometimes you see what might not be safe: unsigned drivers

   Windows warning for unsigned drivers

When you download and start to install a device driver in Windows, you might see a warning that the driver is not signed and should not be installed.

What is a device driver? 

A device driver (also referred to as a driver) is a computer program that operates or controls a p...

Financial Savings for Business Owners and Engineers Using Total Phase Protocols

 Total Phase - Financial Savings for Business Owners & Engineers Using Total Phase Protocols

 Saving Money Using Total Phase Protocol Analyzers and Host Adapters

If you are looking for embedded systems solutions at affordable prices, look no further. Total Phase delivers powerful and reliable tools and services without compromising quality for quantity, offering competitive prices for products that ou...

Total Phase, Type-C USB Power Delivery Analyzer and the USB-IF Workshop

This month Total Phase has two new developments to share in the USB space about the new Type-C and Power Delivery technologies.

First, Total Phase recently attended the USB-IF Workshop in Portland, Oregon. At this “plugfest” we observed improved product behavior during testing as compared to the last event held, which was just 3 months ago. ...

The Life Sum of an Engineering Student

What is this sundown-to-sunup Spring Break shindig in Miami? We have a better definition of a party.


 Total Phase Engineering Student

Photo source: Quick Meme

Freshman or senior, surviving as an engineering student is no easy feat.  Knee deep in programming, architecture and modeling homework, surviving off ramen noodles and wearing last week’s dirty jeans bec...