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Latest Tools for Embedded SPI and I2C Devices, Boards, Systems and IoT

Committed to providing intelligent, robust tools for aggressive test, development and analysis requirements, we have released two new applications for the Promira™ Serial Platform for the advanced high-speed SPI and I2C protocols: SPI Active - Level 3 and I2C Active – Level 2 Applications.

These applications instantly expand the Promira™ Serial Platform features: more powerful, faster, more configurable GPIO ports and enhanced functionalities. In just the first eight months since introducing the Promira platform, Total Phase has released five highly effective, feature rich applications delivering on our promise to make the Promira platform among the most robust and affordable tools available.

The concept for the Promira platform is to enable our customers to have exactly the tools they need when they need them – there’s no need to overbuy to get capabilities that are not immediately required. Customers can buy only what they need today and expand their capabilities with new, state-of-the-art functionality when new projects require more advanced capabilities.

Features of Promira Serial Platform Applications

Our engineers have designed each application to support the ever-increasing requirements of embedded device design and to work towards delivering the most advanced SPI and I2C protocol device to meet the needs of this growing market. Including the ability to download any application and immediately update your Promira platform as needed and in the field - you don't have to wait for shipment and delivery. With the user-friendly software tools and the easily customized Software API, you can interact with your devices and get the real-time information that you need when you need it.


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Experience the Power of

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The New Promira Platform

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Here are the capabilities of our fourth and fifth generation applications:

SPI Active – Level 3 Application Features

  • Protocols Supported: SPI Single, Dual and Quad I/O
  • Master Clock Speed: 80 MHz
  • Slave Clock Speed: 20 MHz
  • Chip/Slave Select: 8
  • Single slave response of up to 256 bytes, variable word length
  • Software configurable Slave Select (SS) polarity in master mode
  • Memory Programing: EEPROM, Flash, or other SPI memory
  • UP to 16 GPIO ports
  • Voltage Levels: 0.9-3.45, 5
  • Target Power: 2 independent, 1 programmable (0.9-3.45 V), 1 switchable (3.3-5 V), 100 mA each
  • Connection Types: High Speed USB, Ethernet 10/100
I2C Active – Level 2 Application Features

  • Master Clock Speed: 3.4 MHz
  • Slave Clock Speed: 3.4 MHz
  • Slave Response: 8 responses +1, 256 bytes/unique response
  • No inter-byte delays
  • Memory Programming: EEPROM, or other I2C memory
  • UP to 12 GPIO ports
  • Voltage Levels: 0.9-3.45, 5
  • Target Power: 2 independent, 1 programmable (0.9-3.45 V), 1 switchable (3.3-5 V), 100 mA each
  • Connection Types: High Speed USB, Ethernet 10/100

The excitement around the Promira platform continues to build as we continue to develop and explore the addition of more protocols to the Promira Application library.

Note: Promira platform applications are offered in sequence - previous versions of a protocol application must be installed before using the most recent releases.

Additional resources that you may find helpful include the following:

If you have other questions about our Promira Serial Platform or other Total Phase products, feel free to email us at sales@totalphase.com, or if you already own one of our devices and have a technical question, please submit a request for technical support.