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2014-11-26 Rena
We are testing an I2C device. To record the points in time when values change, we are looking for a way to continuously read back a register, which we have not accomplished with a logic analyzer. Here’s what we want to do:
2014-11-25 Rena
As the number of embedded applications grow and as their requirements increase in speed and complexity, the need for a more powerful and flexible embedded systems tool has become significantly more important. The new Promira Serial Platform improves the production, test, design, as well as the development, emulation and debugging of complex embedded I2C and SPI applications.
2014-11-21 Rena
I am working on a project and we are looking into using the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter to program SPI flash devices. Our setup will have two separate flash chips, which will be selected through their chip select (CS) signals. I understand that the Cheetah adapter can be used to program these chips. My question - is this also supported by the Flash Center Software and could we use one binary image to program both flash devices? One flash chip will have the “lower” address space and the other flash chip will have the “higher” address space.
2014-11-18 Rena
We are trying to do consecutive SPI accesses as quickly as possible and minimize the time between SS going from inactive to active again. We’re looking at the specifications of both the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter and the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter, but we could use more details and would appreciate your help on our questions below:
2014-11-14 Rena
To test and evaluate SPI devices, I have been using the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter and the Control Center Software. For my next project, I need to use LabVIEW and I'll need a special application. What can you tell me about the API software? Can I use the Aardvark API Software to create a LabVIEW application?
2014-11-06 Rena
I am using an Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter as an I2C slave and another device as a master. I am using 7-bit addressing. After every write command to the Aardvark I2C slave device, the master device tries to read what it has written. The Aardvark is sending a NACK after the master executes a Read command immediately after the Write command. I have some questions about this:
2014-11-04 Rena
We are using the Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer for bus diagnostics. It seems that the Data Center Software used with the Beagle analyzer has limited memory space, which is determined by the available RAM and the configuration of the computer we are using: 4GB/2GB. We need to monitor the USB bus for a week or more. How can we increase the available memory for the Data Center Software to record the data capture from the Beagle analyzer?