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2014-10-30 Rena
I plan to run a design verification tests (DVT) for long periods. For part of the DVT, I'll need to continue running the test and capture data as errors occur. For another part of the DVT, I'll need to capture data and stop running the test when an error occurs. Which USB protocol analyzer do you recommend, and how can I run and capture the data as described?
2014-10-29 Rena
You can batch program devices using the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter and any of the following applications: the Control Center Software, the Flash Center Software or the Aardvark Software API. Following is a summary of the example provided in our latest knowledge base article, Programming I2C EEPROM using Aardvark Adapter and Control Center Batch Mode. With some modification, this example be used for programming other devices.
2014-10-22 Rena
I am developing an interface for a planter that is connected to a tractor with a display monitor via CAN bus. For the agricultural industry, I found an open source program (ISOAgLib) that could work with for this, but that program was created for a different device. We already have and use the Komodo interfaces - can I use the Komodo API to have this program connect with the Komodo CAN Duo Interface?
2014-10-20 Rena
I have two different SPI devices and I need to transmit two different command settings. Because of the separate SS (slave select) signal pins, it looks like a Cheetah host adapter should work with this.
2014-10-17 Rena
I plan to use the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter for a half-duplex 3-wire SPI slave device. Can the Cheetah adapter be configured to interface with a 3-wire SPI? Is there anything special I would need to do?
2014-10-15 Rena
I am trying to communicate to the Komodo CAN Duo Interface device using the Keysight VEE software - a graphical IDE that is similar to National Instrument's LabVIEW. VEE cannot import in "enum" types. There is a Komodo LabVIEW Driver for the Komodo devices and VEE is similar to LabVIEW . My question - can Komodo software be modified to work with the VEE software? How can I do that?
2014-10-11 Rena
I have two different SPI devices and I need to transmit two different command settings. Because of the separate SS (slave select) signal pins, it looks like the Cheetah host adapter should work with this:
2014-10-08 Rena
I need to capture USB 2.0 bus data between a scanner and computer. The information is scanned from a coupon, and then OCR (optical character recognition) is applied to identify the information on that coupon - the amount to deduct from the purchase price. Currently, the process is slow and the result of the scan is not always accurate - the coupon often needs to be rescanned before the sale can be completed. In addition, the scanned information needs to be saved so that it can be printed on the purchase receipt. The file will be rewritten - that information does not need to be permanently saved after it is printed on the receipt and the sales transaction is completed.
2014-10-06 Rena
I am using a Komodo CAN Duo Interface with the LabVIEW software and Komodo LabView Drivers (VI). I write a packet, and when I read the bus, the packet I am looking for has already been sent by the other node - I miss reading it. The loop works fine for two iterations before this fault occurs.
2014-10-01 Rena
I am using the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter in the SPI Slave mode. How can I specify multiple responses for the Aardvark to return, such that each packet returns a different response?