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Support Question of the Week: Did You Know That a Beagle Protocol Analyzer Can Be Integrated with Wireshark or ARM-based Hosts?

The BeagleTM I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer is a cost-effective tool for easily sniffing I2C and SPI traffic. But did you know that it could also be integrated with other systems? Here are two examples of how the analyzer can be integrated with these external systems.

The Beagle Protocol Analyzer, in addition to sniffing I2C and SPI traffic, can be integrated with other systems Figure 1: Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer
Analyzing IPMB (over I2C) with Wireshark

The Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer has been successfully used for importing the captured IPMB (based on I2C) data to Wireshark, an open-source network protocol analyzer, which would be able to further decode the I2C data. A detailed example is available on wiki.wireshark.org. A summary of the procedure:

  1. The Beagle protocol analyzer captures data on the IPMB platform.
  2. The data file is loaded into Wireshark. For information about the IPMB, please refer to wiki.wireshark.org/IPMB_protocol.
  3. For information about implementing the Beagle analyzer for IPMB sniffing, please refer to bugs.wireshark.org.
  4. The file that applies to this example is beagle_i2c_analyzer.tar.gz, which you can download from bugs.wireshark.org.

Using the Beagle analyzer with an ARM-based embedded host

The Beagle analyzer does not have to be connected to a full analysis PC to work.  Some customers have been able to use the analyzers with ARM-based embedded hosts such as a Raspberry Pi and the Beagle Boards.  For more a detailed recommendation on how to implement the Beagle analyzers with your embedded host, please contact our customer support team.

As you can see, there are many powerful ways to interface with our tools, which can be implemented with standard setups as well as customized, creative setups for your specific use.

For more information, please refer to the following documents:

If you have other questions about our protocol analyzers or other Total Phase products, feel free to email us at sales@totalphase.com or submit a request for technical support.