Support Question of the Week: Viewing MISO Message Length with I2C / SPI Host Adapter and Control Center Software

Q: Can you help me with the Aardvark SPI Host Adapter? I'm using the Control Center Software, which I expect to allow the MISO messages to be 4 kB long, but the  picture below shows the maximum length of each MISO message is 64 Bytes.

Customer Results of MISO Messages from Aardvark I2C / SPI Host Adapter] Figure 1: MISO Messages from Aardvark I2C / SPI Host Adapter

My question: How can I verify the entire mess...

Support Question of the Week: Setting up Two Cheetah SPI Host Adapters on One Computer

Q: Right now, I have one Cheetah SPI Host Adapter hooked up and it is working great. I am looking into using two Cheetah adapters on the same PC. I have some questions:

  1. Can two Cheetah adapterss work on the same PC?
  2. How would I address each Cheetah adapter separately?

Also, I am using my own API.

A: Thanks for your question! Yes, you can c...

Support question of the week: Beagle USB 5000 Protocol Analyzer USB 2.0 Capture Settings for Viewing Data

Q:  The Beagle USB 5000 USB 2.0  Protocol Analyzer is new to me and I could use some details about how it works.  The transaction log below shows recent trace captures, with and without NAK.

Compressed Data of USB 2.0 Capture Settings Figure 1: Example of Compressed Data

The listing looks as though it's been collapsed, that only high-level data is shown. How can I capture and view...

Support Question of the Week: Setting up Beagle 5000 USB 2.0 Protocol Analyzer for Triggering on Bus States

Q: I want to use the Beagle 5000 US­­B 2.0 Protocol Analyzer for debugging with trigger functions for USB 2.0 bus states such as RESET and SUSPEND.  It would be helpful if you could show me how to do this.

A: Thanks for your question!  Before we get to the details of your trigger/matc­­h question, I’d like to let our readers know ...