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Total Phase Featured in Synopsys' Latest Show!

Total Phase's very own Kumaran Santhanam, CEO and co-founder of Total Phase, was recently featured in Synopsys' podcast, "Embedded Design: Managing the Complexity." In this interview, Kumaran discusses with Synopsys' Yvette Huygen on how the increasing complexity of embedded design has propelled engineers to think differently about their work.

"Total Phase's Kumaran Santhanam is interviewed for Synopsys' podcast, "Embedded Design: Managing the Complexity.""

Kumaran gives some insight on how IP plays a major role in managing the complexity of embedded design, what needs to be done to improve communication between hardware and software engineers, and the advance of the USB 3.0 protocol. Finally, Kumaran talks about some of the trends in embedded design and also gives advice to embedded engineers on dealing with the complexities of embedded design.

Listen and learn more about embedded design here: Embedded Design: Managing the Complexity