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2009-06-17 frank
The Data Center 3.0 Software is a significant upgrade from previous versions. Everything from the hierarchical display to the filtering options have been updated and improved. This week, we'll take a quick look at the LiveDisplay and LiveFilter features. At Total Phase, we've always been very proud that our software can capture and display data in real-time. This LiveDisplay technology lets developers see the actual data as it appears on the bus. As soon as a USB device is plugged in, we can see the high-speed negotiation, enumeration, etc. With high-speed devices, you can end up with a flood of data. This is where the LiveFilter feature comes in handy. For example, you can restrict the visible data to just the device or endpoint of interest. You can also set any number of filters together and instantly enable or disable them with a single click, all while the capture is in progress. No need to wait for the data to be parsed or post-processed! Some people may be thinking, "Big deal. Why do I care if I can see data in real-time?" One good reason is that you can continuously exercise your device with a single active capture until you find the exact conditions that cause the error. Maybe a race condition in the firmware puts the device into a bad state after a specific key sequence. You can try any number of keystrokes without the tedium of stopping the capture and starting all over again. That is the power of true real-time debugging. Data Center 3.0 can save you time, reduce your frustration, and make your life easier. Check out this quick overview video of the Data Center 3.0 Software to see the LiveDisplay, LiveFilter, and LiveSearch features in action.
2009-06-15 frank
Total Phase has always worked hard to deliver quality tools for our customers, and this year we've accelerated the pace.