What possible bitrates do the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter support?

As of hardware version 3.00, the Aardvark adapter I2C master can operate at a maximum bitrate of 800 kbps and supports many intermediate bitrates between 1 kHz and the maximum. For slave functionality, the Aardvark adapter can operate at any rate less than the maximum bitrate of 800 kbps.

For hardware versions before 3.00, the maximum I2C master bitrate is 663 kbps and the maximum I2C slave bitrate is 595 kbps.

The Aardvark adapter SPI master can operate at bitrates of 125 kHz, 250 Khz, 500 Khz, 1 Mhz, 2 MHz, 4 Mhz, and 8 Mhz. The Aardvark adapter SPI slave can operate at any bitrate up to 4 Mbps.

Please see the user manual for more details and signaling constraints.