Using the C API in Visual C++ .NET

All of Total Phase's products include a royalty-free C API. While this article uses the Aardvark adapter's C API as an example, the same information can be applied to the C APIs for the Beagle analyzers and the Cheetah adapter.

When compiling aardvark.c in Visual C++ .NET, a developer can run into compilation warnings. These warnings appear when the user has set the warning level to /W4.

There are two things to note about these warnings:

  • aardvark.c is a generated source file. Using Total Phase's Rosetta Language Binding technology, all language-specific bindings are generated from a single source.
  • It should be noted that under /W4, Microsoft's own system headers produce warnings.

If it is necessary to compile the project using Level 4 (/W4) warnings, it is possible to supress the warnings for aardvark.c by changing the warning level on aardvark.c specifically.

Here are the steps to change the warning level on aardvark.c

  1. Right-click on aardvark.c and select Properties.
  2. In the properties window, go to Configuration Properties | C/C++ | General

    Properties Dialog

  3. In the list of properties, change the Warning Level to "Level 3 (/W3)".