EEPROM Socket Board - 10/34

EEPROM Socket Board - 10/34

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The EEPROM Socket Board provides embedded systems engineers with an easy and cost-effective method of programming I2C- and SPI-based memory devices. Engineers can take full advantage of the Flash Center™ Software and the Aardvark™ I2C/SPI Host Adapter, the Cheetah™ SPI Host Adapter, and the Promira™ Serial Platform to program their Serial EEPROM and Serial Flash memory chips.

This board contains Total Phase standard 10-pin and 34-pin headers to enable connectivity with all of our I2C and SPI programming devices.

The SOIC8 socket is for narrow width SOIC devices (150 mil width) only.  For SPI programming narrow and wide memory the Flash SOIC-8 Socket Board supports the 150 mil and 200 mil width memory 

Detailed technical information about the EEPROM Socket Board can be found in the User Manual.


  • Flash and burn I2C and SPI Serial EEPROM and SPI Flash memory that are in any of these standard chip packages: DIP8, SOIC8 or TSSOP8.
  • Specify 5V, 3.3V, or an external VDD source at any voltage level.
  • Connect or disconnect Slave Select (SS) and change the polarity of SS.
  • Gang-program multiple devices by using multiple socket board and programming adapter sets in parallel on the same host computer.

EEPROM Socket Board 10/34 Schematic

Figure 1: EEPROM Socket Board 10/34

Sample Configuration

Different devices may have different pin configurations. In order to provide maximum flexibility, the EEPROM Socket Board provides stubs for each of the pins and each of the signals. Using the included 8-pin ribbon cable, users can easily connect the appropriate source to each pin of the target device.

8-Pin Ribbon Cable

Figure 2: Each EEPROM Socket Board includes an 8-pin ribbon cable to connect the appropriate sources to each pin of the target device.

Top view of Socket Board

Figure 3: This is the view from the top of the EEPROM Socket Board which has been configured to program an I2C EEPROM which has been loaded into the TSSOP8 socket. One end of the supplied 8-pin ribbon cable is connected to the 8 pins of Pin Board connector around the graphic of the chip. The other end is connected to the appropriate sources as indicated by the device's datasheet.

What is Included

Every unit comes complete with the following items:

  • EEPROM Socket Board
  • 6" 8-pin cable