Attention USB Developers: USB Class-Level Decoding is Now Available

Data Center v3.5 Software

Everyone at Total Phase is excited to announce the addition of real-time USB class-level decoding to our Data Center™ Software.

Class-level decoding is going to be tremendously useful to engineers who are developing and debugging USB devices. The Data Center v3.5 Software can capture and decode the low-level USB data in real-time and translat...

What to look for in a USB Protocol Analyzer

Are you in the market for a USB analyzer and are not sure which product to buy? Given the range of options available for USB protocol analysis at various price points, here are a few things that we think are important to consider:

  1. Reliability - Can you be sure that your USB analyzer will work every time you use it? At first, some analyzers will...

Attention LabVIEW Developers

Total Phase provides free LabVIEW drivers for the Beagle USB 12 and Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzers, Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter, and Cheetah SPI Adapter. Using these drivers, developers can integrate Total Phase tools into their LabVIEW designs.

You can download our LabVIEW drivers (complete with examples) here:

See Total Phase at Microchip MASTERs


Interested in learning the basics of USB? Next week during Microchip MASTERs, the Beagle USB 12 Protocol Analyzer will be used in two Microchip-instructed classes. The MASTERs conference provides embedded systems training on new technologies and design concepts and will be held in Phoenix, Arizona from July 29 to August 1.

In the 1364 USB2 "Int...

Quick and Easy USB Debugging in 90 Seconds

USB is a complex protocol and can be difficult to work with. In this challenging economy where time and resources are limited, you don't want to waste your time by manually decoding and sifting through USB data with a scope or logic analyzer.

The Beagle USB 480 and Beagle USB 12 Protocol Analyzers provide crisp solutions for engineers who want a...

Inside Data Center 3.0

The Data Center 3.0 Software is a significant upgrade from previous versions. Everything from the hierarchical display to the filtering options have been updated and improved. This week, we'll take a quick look at the LiveDisplay and LiveFilter features. At Total Phase, we've always been very proud that our software can capture and display data ...