Attention USB Developers: USB Class-Level Decoding is Now Available

Data Center v3.5 Software

Everyone at Total Phase is excited to announce the addition of real-time USB class-level decoding to our Data Center™ Software.

Class-level decoding is going to be tremendously useful to engineers who are developing and debugging USB devices. The Data Center v3.5 Software can capture and decode the low-level USB data in real-time and translat...

Quick and Easy Memory Programming

This short video shows how you can use the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter with the Flash Center Software to quickly program an SPI Flash memory chip in less than 25 seconds!  The Flash Center software can support virtually any memory part, gang-program devices in parallel, and easily verify the contents on the memory chip.

The Cheetah adapter is a ge...

New Update: Data Center 3.1 Software

dc3-iconVersion 3.1 of the Data Center Software is now available for download from the Total Phase website. New features include a circular buffer, CSV export, and Chinese language support.

Circular Buffer
Capture data continuously for as long as you want. With this feature turned on, data will be automatically dumped as the buffer fills in order to mak...