How Do I Use the USB Power Delivery Analyzer and Data Center Software to Verify Power Data Objects?

Question from the Customer:

We need to check if the Power Delivery Object (PDO) is correct on the factory side. To do so, we are planning to run tests by switching PDOs and then check if our Type-C docking station can switch to different voltage levels: 5V, 9V, 15V, and 20V. Can the USB Power Delivery Analyzer support this?  Here are the detai...

How Do I Unlock the Write Protection to Enable Programming an SPI Quad Serial Flash Chip?

Unlock the Write Protection to Enable Programming an SPI Quad Serial Flash ChipQuestion from the Customer:

I’m struggling to add a Microchip SST26VF016BT-104I/SN serial flash to the Flash Center Software. There are enough similarities between the older device SST25VF016BT (which is currently supported in your library) that I should be able to modify that XML file. However, the write protection schemes seem to be very di...

Power Delivery and Type-C Cables Work Together – How Do I Measure and Evaluate Both?

Question from the Customer:

I have an evaluation to run for a customer that includes both power and resistance measurements. Here’s what I know I can do so far – what do I need to add to this setup?

I am using the USB Power Delivery Analyzer with the Data Center Software to check CC status between a USB Type-C Device and USB Type-C AC Adapt...

How Can I Set Up the Master eSPI Behavior I Need with the Promira Serial Platform?

Question from the Customer:

I am using the Promira Serial Platform with eSPI Analysis Application  and the eSPI Active Example Files. I’m using the script to emulate a master eSPI. For this setup, I need the help with the following:

  • I need to add WAIT_STATEs
  • Also, I need to generate additional clock cycles when the slave d...

How Do I Set Up SDC or MMC Cards in SPI Mode to Verify Files were Successfully Programmed?

Question from the Customer:

I would like to use the Aardvark I2C/SPI Adapter in SPI mode and the Aardvark Software API to communicate with SDC and MMC cards. I need to verify that files were successfully programmed in the production environment. Can I search for files on an SDC Card using the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter?

Response from Technic...

What Are the Best Tools For Programming I2C and SPI Devices with OneWire Commands? Can LabVIEW Be Included?

Question from the Customer:

I have a project that uses the STMicroelectronics STM32F401RCT6 device. I need to open communication with 1-wire commands,  which would enable me to use microwire communication to operate the STM32F401RCT6 unit. We are using LabVIEW for this project.

How can I best approach this? Which tools do you recommend? Is Lab...

Continuity Testing of USB Type-C Cables Using the Advanced Cable Tester

Question from the Customer:

I am using the Promira Serial Platform with the Advanced Cable Tester – Level 1 Application on two functionally identical USB Type-C cables. However, the report doesn’t show these cables as identical: one cable passed everything on the physical wiring section, but the other cable failed on SBU1 and SBU2 under the...

How Much Power Can the Promira Serial Platform Provide to a Target System?

The Promira Serial Platform is a versatile tool that can be configured for a variety of use cases and applications. It has a field upgradeable design that allows for multiple protocols and speed rates, and offers some of the most advanced features within our line of tools.

One of these features is its power providing capability, which allows us...

How are CC2 and VCONN Voltages Measured with the USB Power Delivery Analyzer?

Question from the Customer:

I’m starting to use the USB Power Delivery Analyzer. Looking at the power measurements, I see different voltages for the CC2 pin and VCONN. My understanding is VCONN reads 5V, but the VCONN is the voltage on the non-used CCx pin, which will read at 3V.  Can you explain why the voltage readings are different?


How Do I Filter Data on Two Addresses using Command Line Instructions?

Question from the Customer:
I have captured hours of data using Data Center Software (.tdc files). I’d like to filter data starting with a specific address, such as 0xF0 OR 0xFF. How can I do that? Also, is it possible to filter data on two addresses?

I’m also looking into using command line instructions (CLI), such as: