Signs You Need to Check in the VBUS for the Root of Your USB Problem

When your USB system isn’t working as expected and you’re experiencing system failure or other unexplainable issues, it can be tough to pinpoint the root cause of the bug. While there are countless possible reasons, one in particular may be overlooked, and that is having a bug on the USB VBUS.


Signs to Look For

What are the signs that you...

The Lowdown on the New USB Fast Charger

USB-IF, the organization that manages all USB specifications, has developed its own USB Charger program that aims to create a more cohesive and all-purpose line of chargers that consumers can use across all compliant USB Type-C devices. USB Fast Chargers are a recent addition to the USB Charger program. The USB Fast Charger supports the Program...

Are Counterfeit Lightning Cables Safe to Use?

It seems Apple devices and accessories are ubiquitous these days. While it is common for Lightning cables to be used daily, it is not always clear which ones are safe and which ones can lead to problems down the road. The article, “Why Counterfeit Lightning Cables Kill iPhones” written by Motherboard, discusses an unrelenting issue occurrin...

What’s the New USB Power Delivery Protocol All About?

In its early days, the Universal Serial Bus protocol, commonly known as USB, was initially created and used as a vessel to power on and transfer data from one device to another. Initially many USB devices on the market required an external power adapter, and over time this proved to be costly and inefficient for manufacturers and users. The inc...

How Do I Apply Low Level Commands to Test a Target SPI Device with Retries?

Question from the Customer:

We need to apply low level commands to determine if the target SPI device is awake. Part of that evaluation is the number of retries it takes. We’ve been using the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter – would it work for this test case? Are there some limitations we should know?

Response from Technical Support:

Thanks f...

What Do Emissions Control, Diagnostics and Troubleshooting, OBD-II and CAN Protocol Have to Do with Each Other?

As mentioned in a previous article, What’s New About CAN FD?, the creation of the Control Area Network (CAN) bus started in 1983 at the Robert Bosch Company.

After finalizing the first design, the CAN protocol was introduced to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in 1986. In 1991, the CAN protocol was publicly released by its usage in th...

What’s New About CAN FD?

CAN, Control Area Network, was created to improve vehicles as well as reduce the cost and maintenance of internal wiring – which was quickly increasing as more features were moving from mechanical to electronic technologies. For interaction and control, a protocol was required to handle the increasing complexity of operative devices within a v...

CAN Bus Hacking - The Modern Threat to Your Vehicle

If you’re a Criminal Minds fan, you’ll know this TV drama produces fictional and enticing crime episodes where police and FBI agents investigate unique crimes and their perpetrators. One recent episode, “Collision Course”, focused on a crime where a hacker targeted vehicles and took control of the vehicle’s controller area network, ot...

Getting started with automotive audio bus analysis? Here’s an overview about using the Total Phase A2B Bus Monitor.

We just created a new video  to help you understand and easily use the Automotive Audio A2BTM bus analyzer for the automotive audio bus.  Here’s an overview of what our video tutorial covers:

Automotive A2B BusPhysical Setup

The video example uses these TotalPhase components:

Which Capture Mode Best Supports My Project? How are Transactions Timestamped in the Data Center Software?

Question from the Customer:
I am using the Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyze and the Data Center Software – I’m looking to improve throughput on a USB system. Looking at the data capture, I saw about 300ms delay between index 17 and 27. To make sure I understand the results, I have some questions:

  1. Index 18 is [177175 IN-NAK], - does that ind...