Why Can't I Add More USB-C Ports to my USB Type-C Host with a Hub?

USB Type-C – One Cable to Rule Them All

USB Type-C was created to bring faster speeds and compatibility across all varieties of electronic devices. The idea was to create one cable and one specification that manufacturers would adopt for all new devices (you may have noticed every new phone being introduced to the market has a USB-C port o...

How Can I Capture and Record Larger Amounts of A2B Audio Channel Data?

Question from the Customer:

I am using the A2B Bus Monitor – Level 1 Application to record audio channel data. The Python script is installed and works properly, except that after capturing 40 MB the A2B Bus Monitor buffer is full. How can I capture and record more data?

Response from Technical Support:

Thanks for your question! The...

Top Debugging Techniques Used In Embedded Systems

Embedded systems design combines the highly technical disciplines of hardware design and firmware and application software development. Embedded systems engineers face significant challenges throughout the design process, especially when it comes to the integration and debugging of hardware and software systems. 

As an embedded s...

Which Analyzer Handles Alternate Mode Protocol Negotiation and DisplayPort Signals?

Question from the Customer:

I'm looking for is a USB-C protocol analyzer for that handling alternate mode protocol negotiation, as well as power measurements.

  • I plan to use USB Type-C cables for delivering power, USB 2.0, and DisplayPort signals to a display.
  • The DisplayPort will be delivered using the USB-C alternate mode.

What can...

Wide Interest Found in USB Type-C and Power Delivery at Embedded World 2020

We recently returned from Nuremberg, Germany where the Embedded World 2020 conference was held.  While the show attendance we considerably lighter than past years due to concerns about the coronavirus, we still were able to meet many existing Total Phase customers from throughout Europe.  We had many customers stop by to say hello or show th...

5 IoT Trends Everyone Should Look Out For

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the fastest-growing markets for new technology with billions of new devices being deployed each year. The concept of the IoT is simple: adding internet connectivity to everyday objects reveals a whole new range of possibilities for collecting data from the environment in ways that enhance consume...