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Description: Rena C. Ayeras is a writer, editor and blogger with a technical background: test, development, and managing and training technicians. Recognizing the value of the guidelines, reports and articles she wrote as an engineer; she chose to focus on those contributions and moved over to technical writing, and has since branched out to marcom and blogging. BSIT. Member of IEEE.


Posts by Rena Ayeras:

When monitoring data on the USB bus, how do I tell which data is from the host computer and which is from the device under test?

Question from the Customer:
I’m using the Beagle USB 480 Power Protocol Analyzer - Standard Edition to monitor data between devices and the host computer. Looking at the data transactions in the block view of the Data Center Software, I see “IN” and “OUT” transaction types – does that tell me the direction of the data flow?


How do I adjust the timing between slave select and the first clock for SPI frames?

Question from the Customer:

I am using the Promira Serial Platform to communicate on my SPI bus. I want to send SPI frames at 10 MHz and I would like to play with the time between the slave select (SS) line and the first clock (CLK) slope. For example, I want to send the same SPI frame with various SS to CLK times.

Is that possible? How would I...

With infinite holidays and fun-to-have gadgets you can celebrate everyday

Feel like celebrating? Need a reason but can’t find one? You are in luck, random holidays are popping up like weeds.  Now you can find any number of reasons to celebrate every day of the year – check out this calendar.

Why not go all out and make your celebration one you won’t soon forget. Food, drinks, gifts, decorations and of course g...

To Run a High Stress Test, How Can I Best Generate Traffic on Multiple I2C and SPI Buses?

Question from the Customer:
I have a new network device. To fully stress test its performance, I need to drive a lot of traffic on multiple buses. I’m considering your Promira Serial Platform. Can I easily control multiple Promira platforms from one computer? Which software applications should I use and how many Promira platforms can be manag...

How Can the Promira Serial Platform's GPIO be Used as Data Lines for non-SPI Devices?

Question from the Customer:
We’re considering purchasing the Promira Serial Platform with SPI Active - Level 1 Application. We like the USB connectivity, Labview support, and adjustable voltage features - now we have some questions about GPIO.

  • Can we use GPIOs on Promira as data lines?
  • Our application is not SPI; we are looking for one CLK o...

Tips and Options to Capture and View Data with a Beagle Protocol Analyzer

Question from the Customer:

I have a project where I need to compare the temperatures of two separate devices in the same environment.  I’m looking to use the Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer to collect and plot the data. How can I best capture and view the data?

Response from Technical Support:

Thank you for your questions!  You can easily...

How Do I Sequence the Komodo CAN Duo Interface API Commands to Properly De-initialize a Device on the CAN Bus so that I Can Easily Re-initialize it Later?

Question from the Customer:

I have a Komodo CAN Duo Interface and I could use your help. I have a function that does de-initialization. I see km_close() returns 1 instead of KM_OK. Is this expected? What does the return value of 1 tell me?

Also, I’m trying to figure out what the proper sequence for de-initializing everything -- open, acquire, ...

Data streaming 32-bit words, what are the options - queuing four 8-bit words or one 32-Bit word?

Question from the Customer:

 I am working on a project with data streaming blocks of 10 32-bit words. From what I can tell using the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter, I can only send 8-bit words 40 times. How can I change the Cheetah adapter set up to meet my requirements?

Response from Technical Support:

Thanks for your question!  The Cheetah adapter...

How Do I Set Up the Aardvark Host Adapter for I2C Slave mode?

Question from the Customer:

I’m an intern working on my first project, analyzing the controls and performance of a robotics arm (for manufacturing) – can you help me get started? I need to use your Aardvark I2C/Host Adapter in slave mode. I’ll also be using the Control Center Software – what do I need to do?

Response from Technical Suppo...

How Do You Monitor and Analyze an Embedded USB Device Without Signal Degradation?

Question from the Customer:

I’m using the Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer to troubleshoot an embedded device. What’s the best way to capture the signals?  The device is embedded in a system with a complicated cable setup. To avoid signal degradation, my thought is tapping off the D+/D- lines:

  1. Soldering wires to the D+/D- lines of my devic...