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Description: Rena C. Ayeras is a writer, editor and blogger with a technical background: test, development, and managing and training technicians. Recognizing the value of the guidelines, reports and articles she wrote as an engineer; she chose to focus on those contributions and moved over to technical writing, and has since branched out to marcom and blogging. BSIT. Member of IEEE.


Posts by Rena Ayeras:

What Causes I2C Clock Stretching? When Is It Needed?

Question from the Customer:

We are using the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter as an I2C slave to test a master I2C port on another device. It appears the Aardvark adapter uses clock stretching while it is configured as a slave. Can you tell us what causes clock stretching?  When should we expect to see that feature occur?

Response from Technic...

What Do Biometrics and Neurofeedback Have to Do with UX?

Biometrics of the human response

Image from Pathways Neuropsychology

Biometrics and neurofeedback take part in many roles of our daily lives: personal health, professional medical evaluations, self-care at home, and video games. This article discusses some of the ways this information is used.


Biometric Measurements

There is a wide range of biometric measurements that ca...

What Causes SPLIT and Orphaned Packets and How Do I Eliminate Them from a USB Capture?

Question from the Customer:

I’m using the Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer, which is connected to a USB hub with both ports. A mass storage device is connected to the Beagle USB 480 analyzer’s device port. .

In the Data Center Software, the captured data includes a lot of SPLIT and ORPHANED packets. I can filter out the SPLIT packets in...

How Do I Identify the Cause and Resolve PHY Errors on a USB 3.0 Camera Device?

Question from the Customer:

I am using the Beagle USB 5000 v2 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzer - Standard Edition with the Data Center Software to resolve a USB 3.0 issue with a Basler industrial camera device. The Beagle USB 5000 v2 analyzer reports PHY Errors for all USB 3.0 packets. I have tried other slave devices (cameras, mobile phones)...

The Growing Use of Micro Electro-Mechanical (MEMS) Devices to Improve and the Maintain Health of Machines and People

MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology supports motion sensors that detect, report, and collect information on anything that moves. The data these sensors generate are applied to many aspects of our daily lives, ranging from necessary and practical safety standards to augmented reality entertainment. This technology is applied i...

Can the Promira Serial Platform Support and Generate the Master and Slave SPI Waveforms that I Need?

Question from the Customer:

I am looking for a programmable SPI interface adapter that will support communicating with two devices. For both devices, the clock speed is 10MHz and the clock is only active during transmit.

I’ve been looking for the right tool, and your Promira Serial Platform, along with the SPI Active - Level 1 Application, ...