Description: Karen Lew recently graduated from UC San Diego with a BA in International Studies with emphases in Economics and Political Science and a Business minor. She joined Total Phase upon graduating and is now the technical sales rep for the Central territory. Karen enjoys learning more about the tech industry and how Total Phase debug/development tools can help individuals solve their issues. In her free time she enjoys going to concerts, kickboxing, and reading a good book.

Email: klew@totalphase.com

Posts by Karen:

Total Phase Shows Optimization with Cable Testers and Power Delivery Analyzers at USB-IF Developer Days Conference

Excitement was palpable in the room at the latest USB-IF Developer Days. What are the interoperability do's and don't's of USB Type-C? What’s the latest on active cables? How do we get Type-C hosts and devices to perform optimally?

Total Phase attended the USB-IF Developer Days Conference held 9/26-9/27 in Vancouver, Canada. We showed up w...

USB-IF Developer Days Houston, TX – Keep Calm and USB On

In the opening keynote, Jeff Ravencraft, President of the USB-IF, spoke and estimated that by 2019, over 2 billion devices – that is 40% of the USB market – will support USB Type-C.

Total Phase entered the Type-C market late 2015 with the USB Power Delivery Analyzer and we are continuing to focus on this new and exciting technology. Q4 of ...

Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) Minneapolis - Total Phase Storms In

“The wind begun to rock the grass
With threatening tunes and low, -
He flung a menace at the earth,
A menace at the sky….”

From A Thunderstorm by Emily Dickinson

 Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) Minneapolis.

Yep you guessed it, I got to experience a true Midwest thunderstorm. Born and raised in Southern California, I haven’t experienced many storms in my life. It was ...

Total Phase USB Type-C and Power Delivery at the Microchip MASTERs Conference

Nothing says “toasty” like Arizona in August! This past August, we were back at the Microchip MASTERs Conference. The MASTERs Conference celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. It was my 2nd time here and it was just as fun and interesting as my first time.

 Total Phase booth at Masters Conference

New to the table this year was USB Type-C and Power Delivery (PD). Mic...

Saving Time, Money and Effort by Using the Cost Effective Beagle USB 480 Power Protocol Analyzer

It’s always exciting to learn something new – especially when it’s about use cases for Total Phase tools.  As someone who is relatively new to the company, I’m interested in hearing how our customers use our tools in their line of work. There is no better way to learn from customers than to meet with them face-to-face. I had that oppo...