Description: Gil Ben-Dov is a 20-year technology veteran with experience at industry leaders Cisco Systems, ResMed, and Air Liquide. He currently serves as the CEO for Total Phase and has held the role since October 2014. Prior to that appointment, Gil served as VP/General Manager, from 2013-2014. He was previously director of sales, joining Total Phase in 2012.


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The Type-C Blogging Community is on Fire!

Last year, Total Phase entered the world of USB Type-C with the release of the USB Power Delivery Analyzer (our version of Google’s Chromium USB-PD Sniffer, Twinkie). Last month Total Phase released another Type-C product, the Advanced Cable Tester. And I must say, the Type-C community has been very hospitable and made our experience very ...

Taming Type-C with the Advanced Cable Tester

UPDATE 2019-05-31: Total Phase has released the new Advanced Cable Tester v2, a successor to the original product mentioned below.  The original version is no longer supported. Click here to learn more about the Advanced Cable Tester v2.


Earlier this week we released the Advanced Cable Tester - the first of its kind USB cable tester. (Rea...

USB Type-C popularity growing - mainstream?

With Apple's recent announcement of 4 USB Type-C ports on the new MacBook Pro, there's no doubt USB Type-C is moving from the 'early adopter' stage to more mainstream.

USB Type-C goes mainstream USB Type-C goes mainstream                                      image source - Vjeran Pavic

USB Type-C is Gaining Popularity

We've all heard about some of the challenges regarding USB Type C implementations, but the upside to this exciting new advanced cable technology is undeniable, the USB power is there.

This article from the online version of Wired Magazine does a nice job summarizing the differences between the current charging options and explains why Type C i...

Samsung urged to officially recall Galaxy Note 7 to prevent resale of a dangerous product

USB Type-C enables truly rapid charging of your battery operated devices by providing higher voltage and current than ever before through a USB cable.  But sometimes, aggressive power management and charging can become problematic.

This explanation from the Apple Insider explains the differences between USB2 and USB Type-C charging at a high ...

USB Type-C Cable Fails (2)

Previously, I shared information on the hazards of improperly implemented USB Type-C.  Now, here are a few additional examples and ways to utilize advanced cable properly and work with USB power.

Cause not determined, Galaxy Note 7 with USB Type-C melts down Cause not determined, Galaxy Note 7 with USB Type-C melts down.

Source:  Phandroid (Aug 24, 2016)